Love, Tanya // Book Review

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I've been watching lots of different Youtubers for years now, from beauty tutorials to fashion lookbooks to day in the life vlogs and more. One of the people in my subscription feed (and in millions of others too) is Tanya Burr. Last year she wrote & released a book which I recently bought and am here to tell you my thoughts on today!

tanya burr love tanya book review youtuber

Who's Tanya Burr & what's her book about?

Tanya is an English Youtuber. I've been subscribed to her for a while now and loved her positive, bubbly personality from the start! When I heard she was writing a book and what it was going to be about, I knew it was something different from other Youtubers' books and put it in my imaginary wishlist straightaway. I see nothing wrong with Youtubers writing books but I'll save that topic for another day!

Love Tanya is contains a whole mixture of things; advice, recipes & recommendations as well as some autobiographical sections.

tanya burr love tanya book review youtuber

Which parts did I like best? 

My favourite bits were definitely those where Tanya opened up about her life, her childhood & teen years because it meant I got to know a lot more about her as a person. We're all a wee bit nosey! There were some parts I could really relate to that I previously had no idea she went through, despite being a viewer of her Youtube channel.

I also really like the recipes - she does do videos on them but there's just something about having them laid out in a book with pretty photos that I love! I can't wait to try and make those brownies.

tanya burr healthy brownies love tanya book review youtuber
All the way throughout the book, there are top 10 lists and sections where you can get involved and write down your own lists. While I do like the idea of them, there are some that just aren't really for me - and they aren't the ones I would've expected! I absolutely love makeup, skincare & fashion but some of the tips are a bit redundant to me as I either already know them or don't really apply to them but that's just me personally. Anyone who's maybe younger or just starting out with beauty will love the advice parts I didn't find so useful! 

It has to be said, the aesthetic of the book is gorgeous - lots of mint & pink which always ticks boxes for me!

tanya burr love tanya book review youtuber

Who will like this book?

Fans of Tanya will adore having this as a physical keepsake. I wouldn't consider myself a massive fangirl of hers but by reading the book but I now see another dimension of her as the very inspiring, driven business woman that she is.

As I mentioned, if you're just starting to learn about makeup, skincare & hair then you'll love the advice sections!

tanya burr love tanya book review youtuber

I got it on Amazon where it's currently just £6.49 - half price from it's usual £12.99! I'm not sure how long it's going to stay at this cost so if you've been thinking of getting it now's the time!

So those are my thoughts on Love, Tanya! Overall I feel like I got to know a lot more about Tanya and came away feeling very positive after reading the book. Any questions? Let me know if you've read or would like to read this book in the comments below!

What do you think about Youtubers writing books?

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