Weekly Reflect // #31

Hello everyone!

Looking back on it, it was quite a week! I posted everyday which is unusual for me but what with all the ideas I've been having lately, it might become a regular thing! 

Let's reflect . . .

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This week:

  • . . . my sister went back to her uni accommodation! If you saw last week's reflect, you'll know she came home for Easter but it was only a short visit & I kinda miss her now!

    • . . . the weather was truly glorious! I spent a lot more time outside in the sunshine & even made fruit punch a few times. I'm so glad Spring is finally here!

    • . . . I made banana bread! It went down a treat in my house & I was quite proud of it if I do say so myself! It wasn't just any old banana bread, it was Essie Button's recipe and boy, do I recommend it. My mum insisted I make it again soon!

    So that was my week! I hope you enjoyed catching up & now it's your turn to tell me what you got up to this week!

    How was your week?

    Thanks for reading,