Tuesday, 8 March 2016

New additions to my MAC eyeshadow palette

Back in January when I was in Cambridge for a few days, I took the opportunity to visit the MAC store there and get some eyeshadows for my palette!

MAC eyeshadows in All That Glitters, Satin Taupe & Blanc Type

Going into the store, I didn't have any particular shades in mind but I did know I wanted to try something shimmery. Previously I'd only tried Blanc Type (a matte) so I was intrigued to see what MAC's shimmer formula was like! I must have swatched around 20 of their little circular pots of beauty before I finally decided on two to take home with me; Satin Taupe & All That Glitters.

MAC eyeshadow swatches in All That Glitters, Satin Taupe & Blanc Type

left to right:
All That Glitters // Satin Taupe // Blanc Type

All That Glitters is a truly gorgeous copper gold that I've found looks just as great washed over the lids on it's own as it is when built into a smoky eye. I generally prefer warmer toned eyeshadows so I own quite a few golds from different brands but there's something I can't put my finger on that makes this one stand out from the rest. As well as that it's lasting power is unparalleled. Satin Taupe is lovely too - to me it has more of a sheen that a shimmer to it and is the kind of shade that would look equally good on any skin tone.

These MAC eyeshadow refill pans at £10 each are an occasional treat for me and the 15 pan custom palette is something I'm enjoying building from scratch over time. The next couple of shades on my wishlist are Phloof and two matte brown shades, one darker, one lighter but I'm not sure which yet. There's so much choice!

So that's my MAC palette in it's current state! Get involved in the comments below and let me know if you have any shade recommendations & if you'd like me to keep updating you as I add more!

Which MAC eyeshadow do you like the look of?

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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Budget Beauty Haul

I've bought a couple of things over the past few weeks - some makeup, some bodycare as well a little bit of skincare. It's also all very affordable & available at the drugstore so I'm sharing it with you today in this budget beauty haul!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush, Boots Botanics All Bright Serum, Wet 'n' Wild mascara
Soap & Glory
Recently I discovered the Sugar Crush scent from S&G through the body wash (review) and let's just say obsessed doesn't come close to describing how I feel about it. When I saw there was a 3 for 2 offer in Boots I had to make the most of it and get some more from the range. I picked up the body lotion (£10), body spray (£4) and the Hand Food hand cream (£2.50) and couldn't be more thrilled to have them in my life! If the body scrub hadn't have been out of stock I would have took that straight to the till too but I'm sure I'll hunt it down sometime. Dear Soap & Glory, if you ever made a lip balm with this scent I'd be all over it. Sincerely, a serious Sugar Crush fan.

Wet 'n' Wild
The Mega Protein mascara is my first product the brand I've heard countless beauty Youtubers talk about for years but I'd never heard anything about this before. It was only £2.79 if I remember correctly and if you read my February Favourites then you'll know I've already been using & loving it for a couple of weeks now! Check out that post if you want to know more of my thoughts on it but for here I will say that I really recommend it if you want a lovely natural but fanned out lash look without spending a lot to get it.

Boots Botanics All Bright Serum
Boots Botanics
This is another personal brand first & another product I bought without hearing anything about. However, Boots Botanics has been on my radar for a while now and I thought if not now then when? I have to be honest with you - when I was in the shop my eyes must have somehow missed where it said 'serum' because I actually meant to pick up a different product entirely! Not sure how that happened so it was a surprise when I got home and opened it but, no harm done as it sounds like a great product. I think of it as a happy accident and a very budget friendly one too! The All Bright serum costs £6.99 but I got it on offer for just £3.49. I'll definitely get back to you with a full review once I've given it a proper test!

Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, Wet 'n' Wild Walking On Eggshells palette, Rimmel Clear Complexion

I don't think the Lasting Perfection concealer (£4.19) needs any introduction; it's a well known & well loved product by so many. I've repurchased it time & time again but when my last one ran out I didn't as I wanted to try some alternatives and see how they compared. Well, temptation & familiarity got the better of me and I have a new tube! I'll be interested to see if I still love it as much as I once did. Time will tell!

The Clear Complexion powder (£3.99) has also been a firm favourite of mine for a long time and I don't think it gets enough recognition from bloggers. It smoothes and blurs over your skin, giving it that much sought after evened out finish without caking at all. I'm pleased to have a new one in my life as my old one had cracked and crumbled as most powders inevitably do after a while!

Wet 'n' Wild
Last but not least is the Walking on Eggshells palette by Wet 'n' Wild. I got this at the same time as the mascara but haven't gotten round to using it yet, however if I like it I'm sure you'll know about it! I can't remember how much it cost exactly but I know it wasn't any more than a few pounds.

So that's it for this haul! Get involved in the comments below and let me know if you've tried anything included here or if you'd like to. Also tell me if there's anything you'd particularly like to see reviewed and I'll get on it!

What's on your beauty wishlist?

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Monday, 29 February 2016

February Favourites!

Well, now that February is done & dusted it's time for me to share my monthly favourites with you!

MAC Twig lipstick, Soap & Glory Sugar Crush, Wet 'n' Wild mascara flatlay


Starting off with a shower favourite, if you read my recent Soap & Glory review then it'll come as no surprise to you that the Sugar Crush body wash made it into this post! If it's possible to be head over heels in love with a scent then I certainly am - so much so that I went out and bought the body lotion, the spray & the hand cream in the scent the weekend after I wrote that review. Smelling like sweet, lime goodness 24/7 is now an achievable goal thanks to Soap & Glory!

Moving onto makeup, I have two products I want to talk about; a lipstick & a mascara. The lipstick in question is 'Twig' from MAC which I won in a blog giveaway back in January and I can say without a doubt it's my new favourite lipstick. It's one of those gorgeous deep pinky brown shades - definitely my kind of nude. The satin finish means it's got serious lasting power whilst still being forgiving on the lips, aka a match made in heaven. I can't gush about it enough!

The mascara is one I picked up on a whim one day when I was in the pharmacy. I'd never heard anyone talk about the Wet 'n' Wild Mega Protein mascara before, nor am I the biggest fan of bristle wands but something drew me to it. Possibly the bright green tube, possibly the fact that it was only £2 something! Each time I use it I'm more and more impressed at how it manages to coat every lash without going clumpy, almost like you've just had your lashes tinted which is ideal for me. My only complaint is that it tends to go on your eyelid when you're applying it but that could just be me being more used to plastic wands. It's something I'm happy to put up with though as the effect & the super low price make it worthwhile.

MAC Twig lipstick, Wet 'n' Wild mascara flatlay


As for more miscellaneous favourites, I have two Youtube channels I've been loving and two Things I Did to mention. Not sure how else to categorise the latter!

The first Youtuber is Sophie Eggleton who I discovered through a collab she did with Zoe London. She shares a variety of vlogs, interviews, honest & interesting chats as well as fashion & beauty videos, all delivered with a good sense of humour! Funny & down to earth are two qualities that are used to describe people very often but believe me when I say she really is both of those things. I find her particularly relatable because we both have CFS and it's always helpful & comforting to be able to get the viewpoint from someone who really understands.

Bess Oates is someone I also feel I share a lot of similarities with. This month she created a new channel in a bid to start afresh and allow herself to make videos about anything she wanted to without any pressure. I'm so glad she did because you can tell she feels happier & more free to talk about topics like feminism, veganism and plenty of other good things. She uploaded a video everyday in February and I watched & enjoyed every one each day! Both Sophie & Bess have served as inspiration for the type of content I want to create on Youtube when I get back into it so if either of them read this, thank you!

Lastly, the two fun things that happened in February were recording a podcast with Catherine & meeting up with my blogger pen pal Megan! Both events were so much fun & definite highlights of the month for me so I couldn't not mention them.

So those were my February Favourites! Get involved in the comments below and let me know if you've tried any of the things I talked about or know of any of the channels I included!

What was your favourite thing about February?

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