My new favourite charity shop! // Action Cancer Lisburn Boutique

Hello everyone!

I suppose it's kinda odd that it's possible to have a favourite charity shop seeing as they have different stock everytime you visit, but there was just something about the one I visited at the weekend. I definitely found my new favourite in the Action Cancer Lisburn Boutique!

So I'll start with a little bit of backstory; I haven't been thrifting properly in months due to my illness. Last Saturday was the first day in ages I felt well enough to attempt a day in town and visiting the charity shops was top of my to do list! I was casually just walking down to Bow Street with my brother (he was on the hunt for some clothes for work experience) when I noticed the gorgeous window display and got so happy! Apparently it's been open since February but it's new to me!

My brother went straight through to the mens section but I just had to stand there for a second to take in how beautiful it was! I've seen many a charity shop in my time thrifting but never one so well laid out as this. It was clear to see someone had taken great care in keeping things tidy as well as co-ordinated. Plus, the place was absolutely full of amazing items - I couldn't wait to explore!

I didn't try anything on as I could hold things up to me and see them in the mirrors throughout the shop just fine, but my brother did and the changing rooms looked lovely!

When you walk past them there's a whole corner dedicated to books with some CDs and vintage board games on shelves too. How cool is that wallpaper?!

My good friend Roberta absolutely loves knitting so I actually came back later on in the day with her to show her this! She said she'd definitely pop in again to check out what they have and we spent a good wee while having a look through all the different patterns available in the poly pockets!

This was the bit that put the icing and cherry on the favourite charity shop cake for me. Stacks and stacks of vintage vinyl records! It's certainly the first time I've ever seen this many and I hope they keep this wee feature up as it really made my day! I bought a The Shadows album for my dad and when he opened it, the booklet inside had been signed by all the band members!

Plenty of stuff for men too!

This Imperial typewriter caught my eye - you have no idea how tempted I was to get it!

Overall, I was beyond impressed with the Action Cancer Boutique in Lisburn and will 100% be returning in the future. The two ladies Amy & Liz I got chatting to were so lovely and also great craic - they brought such a friendly vibe to the place. You can tell that so much effort is put into this gem of a place!

I came away with 3 items I love as well as the vinyl and my brother got himself a whole new outfit!

It's 6 Market Square just opposite the Linen Centre if you're looking!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! Get involved in the comments below and let me know if you've ever found a place like this you love!

Do you have a favourite charity shop?

Thanks for reading,