Maeve Eats Graze | #5

Hello everyone!

So I'm onto my 5th Graze box!
This box was actually a surprise to me in itself - the last time I had a box was February and all the way back then, I set my next delivery to be the 4th of July. Being such a long time between deliveries, I completely forgot until I received an email the day before saying it was on it's way! Happily, it was a free one due to the offer I have to get my 1st, 5th and 10th box free. Keep reading to find out how you can get the same offer for yourself!

And here's what I found when I opened my box!

Admittedly I did have a sneaky peek at what would be inside online beforehand, but that only made me more excited because I knew I'd love or at least like everything. Graze boxes, well, all snacks, tend to be a family thing in our house. And by that I mean we all want to try them. And usually you have to be quick to get anything before someone else has opened it and eaten it!

Et voila, the contents.

Basil & Garlic pitted Beldi Olives: 

The first punnet I opened and the one I was most excited about. I feel like this needs to be officially written down; I love olives. My mum and I have gotten into the habit of including them into our Saturday lunch together. The second these photos were taken we shared them with feta cheese as a Friday night treat and oh boy were they lovely! They weren't as tangy as the olives I usually eat but I think that's actually a good thing as it means I can eat more!

Light Lemon & Poppy Slice with Afternoon Infusion Tea: 

Saturday afternoon saw me sit down to a cuppa and slice of cake served by Graze. I've had their tea before in a box and it's delicious. A very distinctive and unique taste that is just so complementary to a piece of any type of cake! Speaking of which, oh my! Very flavoursome and just delightful with the tea. My only grudge is that it was so small it was gone in a minute! Dear Graze, I'd be very grateful if you could please create a box of just tea and cake. Pretty please. 
Who agrees with me?

Bonnie Wee Oatbakes:

 I was feeling peckish last night (Sunday) and so consulted my box and the triangular shaped oatbakes were calling to me! The caramelised onion garnish was intriguing. Upon tasting, it had a really odd combination of flavours. At first quite sweet, then very savoury then ONION. Strong onion. Personally, I loved it's unique flavour and found the snack as a whole to be very moreish, but I can imagine those with tamer tastebuds might not be so pleased. I'm sure my breath smelt lovely afterwards!

Scandinavian Forest:

 Now, I have to be honest and say this was the punnet I was not so sure about at first. In a previous box I'd had something with berries in and they were overly bitter and quite hard to chew, hence my dubiosity. Ever the optimist however, I decided to try Scandinavian Forest sprinkled into some porridge oats for breakfast this morning. I was very pleasantly surprised! The berries were yummy but the apple was the star of the show. Most dried apples can be rock hard which would not be good for myself and fellow braces wearers, but these were chewy and oh so very good! 

I'm impressed with you Graze, well done.

Overall, I thought this was a brilliant box! 
I'll definitely be getting more boxes in the future but probably not for another wee while yet. Do let me know which of these snacks you would've loved to devour in the comments!

Ah, the bit you've all been waiting for - your special friend code which allows you to have your first, fifth and tenth box for zero of your precious pennies. 
You can't say I'm not good to you!



Are you signed up to Graze, or would you like to be?
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