My Everyday/School Makeup

Hello everyone!

I've recently started back at sixth form and I thought it might be interesting to show you the makeup I wear to school on a daily basis. It's very simple and natural as my school has strict makeup rules and doesn't allow anything other than a light foundation. I don't like to go too heavy with my makeup anyway so this look isn't too dissimilar to what I'd wear on the weekend if I was going out during the day. 

You'll find out I break my school rules a little but we'll keep that between ourselves shall we...


For my base it's all about a natural and dewy finish, so I take L'Oreal True Match foundation with a smidgen of Simple moisturiser and mix those on the back of my hand, then buff that onto my face. My weapon of choice is the Real Techniques Buffing brush. It's a great size and shape for applying foundation but in the past I've used it as a powder brush so it's a definite multitasker! For days when I want an even lighter base, I'll go for Makeup Revolution's The One foundation which I reviewed in detail here


Then when I'm happy with that, I move onto my eyes. Curling my lashes has become an essential part of my routine followed by tightlining my upper lashes. I was recently sent the Bellapierre eyeliner pencil in charcoal to try out. Now, I usually like my liners to be soft and blendable but this is not. It's not the best for smudging because it's quite firm, but that actually makes it a fantastic tightlining pencil because it doesn't budge or transfer onto the waterline at all! Tightlining takes a bit of practice but now it's a step I would struggle to leave out!


For my lashes, the bigger the better. This is where I break the rules a bit but I don't care, I won't go without my bold lashes and I use a combination of two mascaras to emphasise them. L'Oreal Volume Million is what I use to get my bottom lashes looking defined and to add colour. Blonde hair problems! My all time favourite, holy grail, does the whole shebang mascara is Benefit They're Real! as it really does tick all the boxes for me. Volume, length and definition - the only thing is I personally don't love it for my bottom lashes. If they came out with a bottom lash version I'd be in heaven!



Moving back to my base, I apply blush, namely an Accessorize one in the shade Scandal. As you can see it's well loved to the point where the lid has broken right off but I still love it. I'm not sure you can get Accessorize makeup anymore, but if you can find it I definitely recommend their blushes. It's got a lovely amount of pigmentation, fairly sheer but definitely there. Scandal has a slight shimmer running through it so it adds a gorgeous natural glow, much like a MAC Mineralize Skin Finish or blush. My preferred blush method is to sculpt it along my cheekbones and blend it out a bit - not the conventional 'apples of the cheeks' way but it's the way that suits my face! I use my Real Techniques Contour brush to do so but I'm on the look out for a new blush brush - angled and a bit bigger than the contour brush so any suggestions are very welcome!


For the lips, I never really venture anywhere other than a lip balm for school as I definitely wouldn't be allowed a bolder lip, especially not with my mascara! The Carmex tubes are a firm favourite of mine but I don't currently own one as I think keeping four Baby Lips in rotation is enough! Which I apparently forgot to photography, woops! I wouldn't say I'm a Baby Lips collector but yeah, those new neon ones might be coming home with me on my next trip to Boots...



By now you might be thinking, "Maeve, what about the brows?" Well let me tell you, the only thing I do to my brows is pluck them into shape and comb them through to keep them tidy. No pencils, no powders, no filling them in - I did tell you I prefer the natural look! I just don't think I'd suit filled in brows, plus it saves me the time in the morning!



When it comes to my hair, I don't tend to do much with it for school. I'm not my hair's biggest fan - I think it's just boring and it gets messy within 5 minutes of leaving the house anyway so I rarely do anything other than leave it naturally wavy/curly. I actually made a bit of effort here and straightened it so it wasn't such a mess! I really want to get my hair cut into a nicer style but I just don't know what. It doesn't help that I'm terrified to take the plunge of going to the hairdressers!

Recently though, I've added a shine spray into my haircare routine, the Alterna Bamboo Beach Summer Sunshine spray and even though it's just one thing, it's made a huge difference to how I feel about my hair! I've gone from having lacklustre locks to at least having a bit of shine. Not to mention how AMAZING this stuff smells. Think the most tropical, fruity, sipping cocktails on an island smell you can imagine and that's just about it. It doesn't make your hair sticky at all, just spritz and brush and you're good to go. My hair is quite long so I need to use quite a lot but if you have a pixie cut this would last you ages!


And that's that!
The makeup I wear on a daily basis, in all it's mundane glory for you to hopefully get a few tips and ideas from. Let me know if you use anything similar or have any natural makeup product recommendations for me!

Any questions?
If you want to know anything more about the products or techniques, just ask in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,

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No, I wouldn't.
This post contains some products (Makeup Revolution, Bellapierre & Alterna) which were sent to me for reviewing purposes but all opinions are honest and my own.