Weekly Reflect | #7

Hello everyone!

What a week - the UK nearly lost Scotland! I'm not Scottish nor am I politically minded but I think it's a good thing the majority voted 'no'. No matter what outcome you would've preferred, I think it's really cool that we got to live through this important moment in history. It's the kind of thing my children will ask me about when I'm older, and that to me is exciting.

This week:

  • . . . I'm back in the swing of things regarding school work again and the homework is gradually building up. I know I'll probably miss school when I leave at the end of this year but right now I can't wait to!
  • . . . Very sadly, a teacher in my school passed away this week as well as a boy in my class' dad. You could feel everybody's mood was down throughout the week and I went to the funeral which was really emotional. I found Lily's post on coping with death extremely thought-provoking and poignant this week.
  • . . . On a lighter note, we went out for dinner last night to wish my sister farewell as she's left to go back to uni again today. I had biancaneve pizza then peach melba three ways for dessert, both of which were absolutely delicious. I will of course miss my sister when she's away, but getting the bedroom we share all to myself is a benefit!
  • . . . Something lovely about this week was the collaging I did in art. We have to make a notebook and I had a great time filling in my background with different magazine ripped images. I also went into The Works and picked up some crafty bits and bobs to add to it. Notebooking is such a nice way to spend time getting creative!


So that was how my last seven days panned out! 
How was your week?

Thanks for reading,