A few of my favourite ... BLOGGERS

Hello everyone! 

I've been reading blogs for quite a few years now and over that time I've come across thousands of blogs. I thought I'd share with you just a few of my permanent fixture favourites. Of the four here, some you may have heard of, some not but I'm sure you'll agree they all have wonderful little corners of the internet!


If I was asked to show someone evidence of a down-to-earth person, then I'd direct them straight to Becky's blog. Through her beautiful photos and writing style, she manages to make you feel like you're right there with her in all her adventures. Plus, the lady is flipping beautiful, she's funny and she's confident in who she is.You know, I'd describe her blog as an adventure blog with sprinklings of fashion and beauty. Her reminiscing on old diaries have got to be some of my favourite posts of hers. We share a mutual appreciation for MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick and I do believe she's soon to be married so I wish her nothing but congratulations - I can't wait to see the blogposts that ensue!


I've been struggling to come up with a way to describe the full extent of how wonderful Hayley is and then it hit me - she is wonderwoman. She's got such a bright future ahead of her what with going to study Chemistry at uni next year (which I can only applaud her for - I mean, I liked Chemistry at GCSE but a degree in it is no mean feat!) as well as keeping her blog up to the standard it is. I've loved watching her blog evolve into a lovely space for her more lifestyle-y posts. She makes me want to read more books and I'm going to (try to) learn to crochet in the Summer with the aid of her crocheting tutorials. Both she and her dog are gorgeous and you have to admire how she'll speak her mind and stand up for her beliefs. Yep, she's going places in life.

Whenever I'm feeling a bit less than enthusiastic about my blog I just have to take one look at Shona's blog and slap myself on the hand. If anyone can blog through hard times it's Shona. I'm not sure it's right for me to disclose everything Shona does about her health here but she does a round up post every once in a while documenting her journey for her readers. You can tell she has a real passion for blogging. Her posts tend to lean on the the more beauty and fashion side which I love, as she's only a year younger than me so we have a similar budget! She's a natural beauty and I'm so glad she's started Youtube again as it only allows us to see her genuine nature even more. She's doing so well for herself, so much so that I just can't do her justice with words.

For those times when I want a new lippy recommendation or tips for pale skin makeup, I head over to Zoe's for my gorgeous blue-locked fix. Not only that, her style is unparalleled. Recently, I've been captured by her travel posts and especially her post about Eurovision. It's a must read. She gives me a severe case of wanderlust all the time! If you watch her Youtube videos you'll know how funny she is. And she DJ's - do her talents ever end? This is something that really interests me as I would love to DJ and am thinking of starting up when I finish my A-Levels so I love to see her doing so well with that. Zoe's such a truly marvellous human being. Also, it never ceases to amuse me seeing which image is gonna appear on her header as it always changes!

Well now I feel all filled up with blogger love!

I hope I've shared someone new with you or have made you realise we both share a fave.
Do feel free to share your favourite bloggers in the comments as I never refuse a new blog discovery!

Thank you for reading,