How I... | Remove my makeup

Hello everyone!

You know that feeling - it's the end of the day, your makeup is feeling heavy and you just want to take it all off to feel fresh faced again?

Well today I thought I'd share with you how I take my makeup off in the evenings to get rid of that feeling. 
The method I use is simple: lotion, cotton pad, wipe. However the product that does all the magic is the Garnier Softening Cleansing Lotion.

Last year I discovered micellar water, the L'Oreal one to be exact. I loved it for it's ease of makeup removal but I was pretty miffed at how short a time it took to use up. I wanted something which would last longer but do the same job, so I took a trip to Boots in search of the Garnier micellar water. It's the same price, but you get double amount of product - win! Except for the fact that it was all sold out. 

I needed something to remove my makeup, so while in Boots and at the Garnier section I spotted their Softening Cleansing Lotion. I'd never read a review on it so I didn't have any high hopes nor did I know of any bad words against it. Why not give it a go? 

I've been using this bottle for months and there's still about half the lotion in it. Pretty impressive as you really only need a small amount to do the job. 

I'll cut to the chase - in terms of removing, it works and it works well. It takes off my Benefit They're Real mascara which is notoriously hard to remove! But what I love is that it soothes and moisturises like a dream. Some removers can be harsh and drying but this leaves your skin feeling really nourished afterwards. However, I wouldn't recommend this for those of you with oily skin as it would probably feel too greasy. 

It's a white creamy lotion with a definite scent. I personally love the scent, it's floral and fresh, something I don't find off putting at all. I find it actually adds to the soothing effect. 

I can safely say that since using this I've noticed a considerable difference in my skin. I've gone having from dry skin to much softer and hydrated skin. I still lean on the dry side but it's a big improvement.

Other strengths include no nasty parabens but all the benefits of Moringa and Cherry tree extracts. Upon researching Moringa, I found that it actually fights headaches and eliminates germs among many other things. I agree!


Overall a big thumbs up for this! I will definitely repurchase when it runs out.

What's your best way to remove your makeup? 
Should it cost a lot or do you have any bargain methods?

Thanks for reading,