May Favourites

Hello everyone!

May has been a month of exams and study leave for me. It saw me put up my Art exhibition, do my French conversation exam and sit my Media Studies written exam. Fairly hectic. I have enjoyed some relaxation time since those, as the only exams I have left are my French written exams on 19th June. I've found my passion for blogging again and hope it continues throughout the Summer and onwards! As the month is coming to a close I thought I'd talk through some of my favourite things during May.

Note: It's a bit of a long post so I've titled each section, that way you can read only the parts you're interested in, if you prefer.

In terms of beauty this month I've been keeping my makeup light and simple. I've preferred blending my L'Oreal True Match foundation with my fingers rather than a brush and at the end of the month I discovered it's great if mixed with moisturiser. I don't usually change my blusher but in May I tried to switch it up and opted for this Helen E one. It's in the shade and if I remember correctly when I bought it the lady at the counter said it was their most popular shade. It's a lovely subtle peachy/rosy shade which I find to be matte with the teeniest bit of shimmer thrown in for good measure.

The Soap and Glory loofa in the photo is meant to signify that I've been loving baths recently! They may seem like a more Wintery pastime but on my days off I can't get enough of them. I adore Lush's Mmmelting Marshallow Moment to make baths luxuriously creamy and The Comforter for bubbles.

The dainty daisy necklace pictured above is from River Island and isn't it cute? My sister bought it for me when she came home for Easter and I've been wearing it ever since as it goes with every outfit.

We have actually managed to get a bit of Sun here so my Firmoo sunglasses have come in handy! I gave a little review of them here if you'd like to know more.

Another review I wrote was on my new phonecase. It's rainbow coloured so brilliant for the months we're coming into!



I listen to Radio 1 pretty much daily and May saw them hold their Big Weekend in Glasgow. While I didn't get to go myself, I'd been eagerly listening to them counting down to the event for ages and watched most of the coverage they put on TV. Highlights for me include The 1975, Jake Bugg and Ed Sheeran's performances. I've seen Ed live myself and he is truly amazing. Infact I'd really like to see him again in October as it really is worth going twice. I listened to Bastille a lot in the run up to my exams - I really recommend their album if you want something new to listen to. Lorde's album was on repeat as well this month.

When it comes to books, I have to admit I don't read as much as I'd like to. I'm notorious for stopping a book midway, even if I love it. In a bid to read more, I'm trying to follow more book blogs and I've picked up my favourite book "The Time Traveler's Wife" again. The film version is amongst my favourites too and if you love that then you'll love this even more. When I first read this I was actually in hospital getting my appendix out - nearly a year ago! Isn't it funny how re-reading books can bring you back to memories?

I'm not a fan of the original Lucozade at all but I do find the variations they do to be delicious. Pink Lemonade is by far my favourite. It might be sad that I know this, but last year when they first came out they were limited edition, but they sold so well that Lucozade were forced to make them permanent. I read this in a business newspaper on my break in work a while ago - the more you know!

Seeing as it's exam season, I've mainly been at school/home so nowhere exciting. I have however liked being able to stay in my bed a little longer most mornings.


the speech bubbles dictate my thoughts when I play the game

On my phone I've been hooked to playing 2048. I'm not a big 'phone game' player but this is seriously addictive. I recommend this (with caution) if you need a boredom buster or if you want to feel more mathsy. It deals with numbers but there's no tricky sums or anything like that, just swiping alike numbers to make them double. The aim is to get to a 2048 tile. It's like numbers-domino-chess. One thing that bugs me is how it's pretty much impossible to win! I guess that's what keeps me coming back to it though because I'm determined I will!


I've been glued to Corrie this month. I get way too emotionally invested in Coronation Street and I'm loving how this 'Tina' storyline is panning out. It's all very dramatic. With every episode that passes I can't contain my excitement until the next - who's watching tomorrow nights?


Mia, my cat has a favourite this month. 
As the weather has been (gradually) improving and she's been itching to get her little paws out of the house, we've been letting her roam outside for the first time since we got her. She absolutely loves her wee adventures although it makes me feel like an emotional mother waving her child off to uni every time she goes!


Do you have any similar favourites to me?
I'd love to know what you've been loving in May! If you have a post on yours, feel free to link it in the comments below and I'll have a nosey.

Here's to a wonderful June!

Thanks for reading,