The Lip Product Addict TAG

I must confess. I'm addicted to . . . lip products.


Hello everyone!

Ok so the above statement is a lie - I wouldn't say I'm a lip product addict of any sort but I do own and enjoy a fair amount of lippies if I'm being honest.

You've no doubt seen plenty of this tag on blogs and Youtube recently as it was created by the lovely Amelia Liana and Essiebutton. There's no harm in me adding my two cents to the mix and possibly elongating your wishlist even further now is there?


1) Favourite balm/treatment?

For balms it's a toss up between the Carmex tubes and Maybelline Baby Lips. I went with the latter as I don't currently own a Carmex so the Baby Lips in Hydrate is what I've been using as of late. It did receive a lot of hype which I resisted until that died down, then bought four. Not all at the same time I assure you. Hydrate was the first I bought and is by far the most effective as far as moisturising goes.

Regarding treatments I guess the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub is the only 'treatment' I own. And with it, I don't really need anything else. I apply it every time I wear a lipstick just to prep the lips, then add balm and the lips are good to go! A few grains of this sugary sweet treat is all it takes to exfoliate your way to smoother lips.


2) Best eye-catching red?

The only red I own, my trusty Rimmel London by Kate Moss in shade '22'. It packs a real punch of pigment and certainly lives up to the title of eye-catching. It can be built up or toned down if desired and has a decent amount of sheen to it. That's a plus for me but can mean that it slips off if I'm eating. If I'm feeling a more matte look I simply blot it with tissue which counteracts the smudging to an extent. Overall a very versatile lippy.

Rimmel London by Kate Moss - '22'

3) Best luxury and best drugstore?

MAC Viva Glam Nicki has a place in my heart and so does L'Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse in '301 Dating Coral'. Both contrast very much but what can I say, I love switching up my lipsticks! VG Nicki gives vibrant pigment in an instant whereas Dating Coral takes a few more swipes to be built up to a 'my lips with a hint of coral'. I find both stain my lips for a good while after applying.

MAC Viva Glam Nicki
L'Oreal Rouge Caresse - '301 Dating Coral'

4) The most disappointing?

I didn't think I owned any disappointing lip products at first so I then delved into my collection and found the Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Velvet balm and remembered why I don't use it. Despite loving the originals, Baby Lips' little cousin doesn't excite me at all. I remember getting it as a free gift in Boots with a Maybelline offer so maybe I don't have the right to slate it, but I'd be pretty annoyed if I did pay for it. The twist up base works when it feels like it and when it applies it's just a milky nothing-ness. Not for me. I still keep it though in the hope of one day liking it. I believe in second chances!


5) Liner - yes or no?

Generally no. It's just not something I ever think of buying! I guess it would be useful to have one for a red lipstick though. *adds to never-ending wishlist*


6) Best gloss?

The Helen E Cosmetics gloss in 'Vintage'. It bursts with juicy pigment and smells SO good. It smells like a fruit salad and then some. Helen E is such an underated brand - I have a few of their other products, would you maybe like a brand review or something like that? 

Helen E Cosmetics - 'Vintage'

7) Something extra!

Something I've loved for ages now but have been neglecting recently are the MUA Love Hearts balms. I own two - 'Sweet Kiss'; a baby pink and 'Kiss Me'; a pinky red. Both are sheer and super creamy and I really don't know why I haven't worn them in such a long time! Blame it on too much choice I guess.

MUA Lip Balm - 'Kiss Me'

Well what do you think?
What are your favourite lip products and do we have any in common?
The comments section awaits you!

Thank you very much for reading,