Mr Nutcase Phonecase Review

Hello everyone!

My phone has been looking a little bit naked since I got it last December and there are basically two reasons for this; I've found it quite hard to find cases for the Samsung S3 Mini and of the one's available, I just haven't loved the designs.

I'd seen a couple of reviews of Mr Nutcase personalised cases doing the rounds of the bloggersphere. I thought it wouldn't do any harm in looking, so I searched their site and was very impressed with the wide range of designs they have and all the phones they cater for. They claim to have the biggest selection of cases online and I wouldn't disagree. They also allow you to design your own custom phone cases, something I didn't go for this time but might opt for next time now I've seen the quality of this one!

The lovely people at Mr Nutcase sent me this Ultra Light Weight Slimline case, and I chose one of the pre-made designs available. It's absolutely gorgeous - perfect for Summer with the bright rainbow colours! 

As soon as I opened the package it was in, I was so impressed with how vibrant it was. I didn't hesitate to clip it on straight away and wow. It does add a little bit of weight and bulk but in my opinion that makes the phone feel more expensive. The texture does have a bit of grip so if you're always dropping your phone (like me!) it gives an extra bit of support, with a nice matte finish to boot. One thing I'm not so keen on is how it's quite difficult to take off when it's on, but as I love it so much I don't plan on doing so for a while!

An added little bonus came in the form of a screen cover which is always handy to prevent chips and scratches.

These cases cost £14.95 which is a pretty standard price as yes, there are some cheaper but also some dearer on the market.
I can't not mention how pleased I am with the time of delivery - it took a mere 2 days which is the shortest time I've ever had to wait on anything in the post. Thumbs up from me!


Mr Nutcase were also kind enough to give me a gift to pass on to you! Have 10% off their cases with the code "Thanku10". Thank me later!


Thanks for reading,

I'd like to know what case you have on your phone right now or if you're building up a phone case wardrobe and how many you've got!



This phonecase was given to me free of cost in return for a blog review. 
As always, all opinions are honest and my own.