May Favourites

A few of my favourite things from the month of May.

Soap & Glory, Maybelline, sunglasses, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


I'm a long time devotee to Soap & Glory's body products but even though I'd heard only praise for their makeup range, I never bought any to try. That was until just over a month ago when the Sexy Motherpucker gloss stick in 'Nudist' made it's way into my basket in Boots. It didn't take long at all for me to adore everything about it; both the formula & longevity are spot on, plus it's a shade I feel you could wear with any look.

Being so impressed with it and also in need of a new liquid eyeliner, I decided to go back and buy Supercat. Low and behold, it's amazing just like everyone says it is! Super pigmented, super easy to apply and truly doesn't budge until you remove it. Just like the gloss, it's quickly become a new favourite and now I'm eager to try more Soap & Glory makeup!

Soap & Glory Supercat & gloss stick

Remember that time when Baby Lips were quite literally the subject on everyone's lips? I remember reviews for them being everywhere & most people at school would carry at least one in their pocket, myself included. I have four & go through phases of loving them then thinking they're overrated, loving them again and the cycle goes on.

Anyway, when Maybelline extended the range to include their take on a lip balm/cream blush fusion I thought that was a cool idea but I was in the not fussed phase so didn't bother picking one up. Around that time my pen pal Meg and I exchanged gifts. She included a Balm & Blush in mine and I'm so glad she did because otherwise I probably wouldn't have tried this! It's thinner in consistency to the original balms so I find it sits more comfortably on the lips & the cheeks; I love it for both. Innocent Peach is also the most beautiful shade, it's like it was made with Summer in mind!

Maybelline Baby Balm & Blush

I think I should probably just preface this paragraph by declaring my true love for sunglasses. Having different choices to pick from is something I appreciate and seeing as they're only £3 a pair in Primark, I couldn't help but get these two when I was in store recently. They honestly make me feel fabulous. The blue mirrored ones especially seem to attract compliments every time I wear them which is always nice and I can't wait to take both pairs on holiday with me!

Primark sunglasses


I can't say I've ever raved about a water bottle before but that's because I never had this one in my life until now! It's from Marks & Spencer and it's bloody marvellous. In fact I credit it for being the reason I drink more than 2 litres of water everyday now. I love the inbuilt straw as well as the cute colour of it, what more can I say! I just knew I couldn't write this favourites post without including it.


This book was a 50p charity shop find from quite a while ago which I only got round to reading this month. The plot centres around a hotel in India for people to spend their retirement in and it follows the stories of the guests; how they came to end up there & how they get on once they're settled in. What I enjoyed most was how surprisingly relatable some of the characters were & the humour with which it was written. Funnily enough, the film was on TV a few days after I finished the book and I was happy to see that although there were major plot contrasts, the humour translated quite well.

That's it for my May Favourites, thanks for reading! Get involved in the comments below and let me know what you've been loving this month. I'd love to know!