New additions to my MAC eyeshadow palette

Back in January when I was in Cambridge for a few days, I took the opportunity to visit the MAC store there and get some eyeshadows for my palette!

MAC eyeshadows in All That Glitters, Satin Taupe & Blanc Type

Going into the store, I didn't have any particular shades in mind but I did know I wanted to try something shimmery. Previously I'd only tried Blanc Type (a matte) so I was intrigued to see what MAC's shimmer formula was like! I must have swatched around 20 of their little circular pots of beauty before I finally decided on two to take home with me; Satin Taupe & All That Glitters.

MAC eyeshadow swatches in All That Glitters, Satin Taupe & Blanc Type

left to right:
All That Glitters // Satin Taupe // Blanc Type

All That Glitters is a truly gorgeous copper gold that I've found looks just as great washed over the lids on it's own as it is when built into a smoky eye. I generally prefer warmer toned eyeshadows so I own quite a few golds from different brands but there's something I can't put my finger on that makes this one stand out from the rest. As well as that it's lasting power is unparalleled. Satin Taupe is lovely too - to me it has more of a sheen that a shimmer to it and is the kind of shade that would look equally good on any skin tone.

These MAC eyeshadow refill pans at £10 each are an occasional treat for me and the 15 pan custom palette is something I'm enjoying building from scratch over time. The next couple of shades on my wishlist are Phloof and two matte brown shades, one darker, one lighter but I'm not sure which yet. There's so much choice!

So that's my MAC palette in it's current state! Get involved in the comments below and let me know if you have any shade recommendations & if you'd like me to keep updating you as I add more!

Which MAC eyeshadow do you like the look of?

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