About me

Thrift O'Clock

Hello! I'm Maeve.

I'm 19 and I'm from Northern Ireland.

You can often find me treasure hunting in charity shops.
I have a ginger cat called Evie. She's named that because she turned up at our door on Christmas Eve a few years ago!
I eat pizza backwards. 
I've always loved making things; whether that be in the kitchen, in a sketchbook or otherwise. 
I have a chronic illness called CFS but at the minute - touch wood - it isn't too bad! 
I keep a memory box. 
Watching the soaps is how you'll usually find me spending my weekday evenings; Emmerdale is my absolute favourite but Coronation Street & Eastenders are fab too! 
I wear glasses, but not all the time. 
Pastel pink is my way of life, as is tea!

What about you?

(updated 16th May 2016)