♫ October Playlist ♫

Hello everyone!

It's time to share the songs I've been listening to throughout the month of October and I've got a little bit of everything for you. Here are my latest music recommendations!

October Playlist ft. Jamie Lawson, The 1975, Macklemore, Drake & Kopecky!


This is just an absolute tune isn't it? I loved Thrift Shop when it came out (that was pretty much a given, it's about thrifting) but to be completely honest, none of his other music really grabbed me until this. As far as rappers go he's not my favourite but credit where credit's due, he knows how to make a hit. The contrast between the verses and the chorus with Downtown maybe shouldn't work but it does!

The 1975

My favourite band are (finally) back with their new single Love Me. With it's kooky rhymes and serious 80's vibes, it's not too dissimilar from their previous stuff but it definitely shows a progression. I like the direction they're going in and I cannot wait for album no. 2!


Even though this kinda gives off an elevator music feel to me, I think it works. Hotline Bling is ridiculously catchy and if Drake's next album is anything like this I'll be very happy!

Jamie Lawson

If you like Ed Sheeran, there's a pretty good chance you're gonna like Jamie Lawson. He's actually the first artist to be signed to Ed's label and that's how I came across him. Wasn't Expecting That instantly appealed to me so I went on to listen to his new self-titled album and well, let's just say I've had it on repeat ever since! Still Yours & Don't Let Me Let You Go are the other stand out tracks for me. His chilled out sound & relatable lyrics make for very easy listening!


Last but not least, Talk To Me by Kopecky. I discovered this song from Liam (blogger at The Life of a Thinker) who always seems to give good music recommendations. Catchy, indie-pop; it's right up my street! I haven't heard any of the band's other songs but I'll certainly be changing that soon!

Well I hope you enjoyed this month's playlist! Get involved in the comments below and let me know what your music favourites from the past month have been!

What have you been listening to lately?

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