90s Kid OOTD // #charlixcx4boohoo

Hello everyone!

To celebrate Charli XCX's new collection with Boohoo, today's 90s inspired outfit is in collaboration with the brand themselves! 

90s inspired outfit from Boohoo to celebrate Charli XCX's collection! #charlixcx4boohoo

Jacket // Boohoo
Top // Boohoo
Skirt // Boohoo
Tights // Boohoo

90s inspired outfit from Boohoo to celebrate Charli XCX's collection! #charlixcx4boohoo

Let me just start this post by saying that I flipping LOVE this outfit. The great thing about taking inspiration from a past decade is that you can pick out the trends you like and leave the others behind! Denim was an integral part of 90s style and what better way to pay homage to it than with this gorgeous oversized jacket? I've wanted one for so long but the better quality ones tend to be quite pricey so I never ended up biting the bullet. That's what's good about Boohoo though, this one is only £25 and worth every penny!

The little halter neck top is such a steal at £6 - I don't own anything else like it and you know I love a unique piece! You've gotta go bra-less with it as it's completely backless. For me at least, that's pretty daring and it's something I probably wouldn't have done this time last year. I suppose that's what was so fab about the 90s; girl power and the confidence that comes with it!

The skirt is actually something I bought from Boohoo a while back and I'm loving how the subtle check print throughout it is giving a wee nod to those outfits from Clueless. The tights are a little finishing touch I couldn't resist!

90s inspired outfit from Boohoo to celebrate Charli XCX's collection! #charlixcx4boohoo

As for Charli's collection, I was super excited during the run up to the launch and she didn't disappoint! My top picks are:

- The black sparkly dress because hello sassy (& affordable) party dress!

- The fluffy cropped jumper because cute.

- The check dress because I'm imagining it with a little white tee underneath and that is all kinds of adorable.

- The ombre glitter clutch because JUST LOOK AT IT.

So there you have it, my 90s inspired Boohoo outfit! Have a browse of #charlixcx4boohoo on the website and let me know which pieces you like best!

What are your favourite things from the 90s?

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♫ Would I lie to you baby, would I lie to you? 
No, I wouldn't.
I was sent the jacket, top & tights by Boohoo but all opinions are honest and my own.