Makeup Revolution Red Lipsticks // Review/Comparison

Hello everyone!

I bought these Makeup Revolution lipsticks months ago and to be honest,I don't know why I didn't review them for you sooner! I suppose it's appropriate now seeing as we're coming into the festive season and red lips will be a staple for many. 

Here's what I think of these three MUR red lipsticks!

Makeup Revolution red lipsticks review/comparision: Dare, Ruby Atomic & Reckless


The three shades I have are Dare, Ruby & Reckless.

Makeup Revolution have an ever expanding range of lipstick shades and they describe them as being creamy & long lasting with high colour payoff.

They cost £1 each!


The packaging isn't overly fancy but I have to say, the black & copper colour scheme looks pretty slick and having the shade correspond to the top of each lid is nice & handy!

Let's go through each shade individually . . . 

Makeup Revolution red lipsticks review/comparision: Dare


I'd describe this as a semi matte formula. It sits somewhere between being matte and slightly sheeny so it's not drying at all; therefore it's very forgiving on the lips. Something I really appreciate is it's versatility - you can either pack the pigment on or have it muted and it looks fab either way. Although it's definitely red it does lean slightly over into pink territory, making it quite a unique shade which takes pride of place amongst my lipsticks!


Makeup Revolution red lipsticks review/comparision: Ruby Atomic


If it's a full on knockout red you're looking for, this is the one for you! It's part of the Atomic collection and so it certainly packs a punch in the pigmentation stakes. The finish is gorgeously glossy and again, glides on due to it's creaminess. What more can I say apart from what did I ever do without this?

Makeup Revolution red lipsticks review/comparision: Reckless


This is more of a berry/wine shade & has even more glossiness than Ruby. I'm not sure if it's just me that notices that the pigmentation seems to look quite uneven . . . for some reason it only shows up that way in photos - it looks fine in real life! I've been reaching for this a lot lately as it pairs nicely with all the Autumnal clothes I've been wearing. If you want to start getting into darker lip shades but are a bit wary, this would be a great one to start with as that's exactly what it was for me. I want to try something even deeper next!

Despite the fact all three are very creamy, I've been really pleased with how long the last on the lips. They don't slide off at all - I've been able to wear them comfortably from morning until evening on plenty of occasions and they hold up with minimal wearing. For just £1 each, I'm honestly blown away. Lipstick that wears off easily is a real pet peeve of mine so to have found a formula that works for me is fantastic. Because of the creaminess, I was actually tempted to try them as cream blushes and am super impressed by how well they blend out!

You can find Makeup Revolution on their website & on the Superdrug website/in selected stores.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! Although they might look similar in their bullets, there definitely is a difference between all three. Get involved in the comments below and let me know which one you prefer. Don't ask me to choose though, I love them all!

What's your go to red lipstick?

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