I ♡ Makeup // Lip Geek in 'Just Have Fun' review

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I included this lipstick from I  Makeup in my May Favourites video and seeing as I love it so much and I thought it deserved a whole review of it's own!

I ♡ Makeup Lip Geek in 'Just Have Fun' review swatches makeup revolution neutral nude pink


Just Have Fun is one of 24 shades of Lip Geek from I  Makeup.

 Makeup is the sister brand of Makeup Revolution.

It usually costs £2.99 but is currently on sale for just £1.99!


When it comes to lipstick, I usually gravitate toward bright colours that will perk up my pale skin. I tend to skip nude lipsticks but lately I've been on the hunt for something I can wear with any makeup look and it'll go.

When I put Just Have Fun in my basket, I think I was expecting it to be quite light and neutral so I was a bit surprise to see how dark it actually looked in the bullet! Once it's on the lips, it translates really interestingly. It's kind of half bright, half neutral. Essentially, it's the perfect middle ground for me! I don't think I could ever pull off the traditional nude lip so I'm so happy to have found something that works for me!

I ♡ Makeup Lip Geek in 'Just Have Fun' review swatches makeup revolution neutral nude pink

The formulation is also worth talking about - it's creamy, leaves a slight sheen on the lips and gives you just the right amount of pigmentation. It's also really forgiving if your lips are dry and doesn't dry them out any further!

Over time it fades down and stains evenly which is something I really value in a lipstick, especially when you're eating! And of course, I couldn't not mention the packaging, you just can't go wrong with shiny pink and purple!

You can find the Lip Geek in 'Just Have Fun' here on the Makeup Revolution website.

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