How to discover new music

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Finding new music is one of my favourite things. However, with that of course comes those annoying times when you can't find anything new to listen to. Here are my tips for discovering music at those times!

how to discover new music spotify radio blog recommendations suggestions albums songs


The streaming service doesn't just allow you to play your favourite albums, you can also use the inbuilt 'radio' & 'browse' functions to find music. You can select various genres and Spotify will suggest songs or you can check out the new releases page. Give it a go and see what you find!

Listen to the radio

Personally I love listening to the radio! It's a brilliant way to immerse yourself in music you may not otherwise discover. I love that you can get to know what a DJ's into and begin to really value their opinions if they're similar to yours. Listening to interviews with your favourite bands is pretty cool too, especially if they name drop who they're listening to!

how to discover new music spotify radio blog recommendations suggestions albums songs

Music blogs

In just the same way as beauty blogs can help you find your new favourite lipstick, taking recommendations from music blogs might be able to find you a new album to love. Some of my favourite music bloggers are Georgia & Liam - they always hook me up with some great tunes!

Ask a friend

Sometimes it's just as simple as asking a friend what they're into at the minute! Having a friend who really gets your music taste is a brilliant thing because you know you can always rely on them for suggestions. Ask your parents. You can always tweet asking for songs too - that way you can get a diverse range of recommendations!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! If you'd like some recommendations from me, I share a playlist at the end of every month (browse them all here). Get involved in the comments below and let me know how you find new songs to listen to!

How do you discover new music?

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