Thrifting online?! // Messina Hembry

Hello everyone!

Have you ever wished you could thrift online in the comfort of your own home & PJ's? I know I have! Messina Hembry are a cool e-boutique where you can do just that. They put up vintage designer clothing daily at very affordable prices. Let's take a look!

messina hembry designer vintage thrifting online

Messina Hembry stocks brands like Burberry, Diesel, Lacoste, Miss Sixty, YSL, Moschino & Roberto Cavalli to name just a few. Of course, just like a regular thrift shop there is only one of each item so if you see something you like I suggest snapping it up! I've personally never really delved into many designer brands because of their unreachable prices but I applaud how Messina Hembry allow those of us with tighter budgets to get a look in, making high end clothing much more accessible.

Here are some items on the site I've spotted & love!

messina hembry designer vintage thrifting online burberry d&g calvin klein miss sixty topshop sara escada yumi replay

Of course, if you don't see anything you like today, check back tomorrow as there are new finds up everyday!

I asked Zac Hembry why he started & how the items are found:

Zac: I came up with the idea in my first year at university in my halls of residence. I wanted to earn some extra money without having to work for someone else. I would initially buy inaccurately described or poorly photographed designer items on eBay and resell them with better photographs and descriptions. 

By the time I had left university I had created a network of suppliers across the UK & Europe who hand select all of our stock from charity shops and wholesalers. We give our suppliers a list of the stock we'd be interested in and they go out and source it for us. We never know exactly what items we're going to get in which makes it quite exciting when receiving new stock. 

The main reasons behind starting the business routed from the desire to provide affordable and environmentally friendly designer clothing to the masses. We now provide professional photography for all items with detailed condition descriptions so our customers know exactly what they're getting. We also offer fuss free returns and worldwide delivery across our entire inventory. 

I hope you've enjoyed this brand focus on Messina Hembry, I think going for vintage is a fantastic way to get some individuality into your style!

Do you have any vintage or designer items in your wardrobe? 
If not, what's your dream item to own?

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No, I wouldn't.
This is a sponsored post but all opinions are honest and my own. I'm all for thrifting online!