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Today I've got a guest post to share with you, written by the lovely Nika! She loves fashion & is an aspiring blogger from Sydney. She's going to be telling you how to get Khloe Kardashian's street style look - over to Nika!

khloe kardashian get the look street style fashion blog

Who said that fashion is for fashion shows only? If you are looking for fashionable and stylish people, you need only look out your window into the street and there you’ll have it – fashion, wild and untamed. It doesn’t matter where you are going, you should look good. There are people who dress up to go to the store and look as glamorous as if they are going out on a date. Inspired by amazing street style fashion of Khloe Kardashian, who is a great inspiration for anyone out there who wants to look their best every day, I bring you a few looks which are never going out of style.

khloe kardashian get the look street style fashion blog
How women used to live without them, we don’t know. Jeans are that one universal piece of clothes that is stylish, girly, boyish, casual and sexy at the same time, depending on the rest of your outfit. Make sure you always have a pair or two of DIY ripped jeans in your closet and wear them Khloe style – with leather boots, black top and a stylish handbag or with plaid shirt to get that casual air.

khloe kardashian get the look street style fashion blog

Plaid shirt
No matter if your favourite is the oversized plaid shirt which would fit the average lumberjack or a small, rather tight one you can combine with skinny jeans or leggings, plaid shirts are a great piece to combine with the different pieces to get that casual or sexy look. Just accentuate your lips and put on high heels or choose flats and sunglasses.

khloe kardashian get the look street style fashion blog

Hot dress 
Having a few hot party dresses in a closet is a must for every girl. Party dresses make you feel fabulous while you are wearing them, and can turn ordinary party into a glamorous event in a blink of an eye. So make sure you have a few which you can combine – a little black dress, romantic twirl one and one with glitters and in an eye-catching colour for wild parties.

khloe kardashian get the look street style fashion blog

Pencil skirt
Khloe has several classic pieces of clothes that look good on her no matter what, and she uses them often in different combinations to achieve different effect. She often combines white or pastel pencil skirt which emphasizes her curves and wears different shirts and tops depending on the occasion – lace crop top for a casual afternoon out or a sheer black one for a wild night out.

khloe kardashian get the look street style fashion blog

Details matter
You know that often it’s the details that make all the difference in an outfit. You can wear all black and look rather dull or you can add fiery red lipstick with matching nail polish and turn boring into stylish in a blink of an eye. Or you can trust your big, glamorous sunglasses and a handbag to turn you into a star for the day.

Only a small number of us can actually keep up with the Kardashians, but on the other hand they inspire a lot of us to boldly combine fashionable pieces of clothes and look good every day, no matter where we’re headed.

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Well I hope you enjoyed this post, I know I certainly did as the Kardashians are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me! If you want to see more from Nika, she writes for High Style Life and you can find her on Twitter!

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