♫ February Playlist! ♫

Hello everyone!
I really loved writing last months January Playlist and you seemed to enjoy it too so I've decided to keep on with this monthly series! In February I listened to a wide array of different artists so get your cuppa, press play and enjoy my February Playlist!

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This Irish born & bred musician was most definitely man of the month for me, his album is a goldmine of beautiful songs! There's more to him than just Take Me To Church, (and his hella cute man bun) I've included my five favourites of his in the playlist below. I think From Eden is the first one I fell in love with, it has such a playful melody and I just know I'll still be listening to this come the Summertime. Someone New is the one you won't be able to get out of your head! Hozier is definitely a storyteller as is evident from Foreigner's God and Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene. It Will Come Back shows off his way with words too in that spooky way only he knows how to do.

Oh, and when you're done listening to his album you need to hear his cover of Problem, he takes making it his own to another level!

Kanye West
I was having a bit of a Kanye moment too in February, he's just one of those artists I'll always love and come back to. Old classics like Touch The Sky & Heartless are full of those genius lyrics we know Kanye for and I was also impressed with his two new releases this month, both of which a little different for him. Only One is an interesting one - it's full of thought and soul and probably is my most played song of the month. FourFiveSeconds with Rihanna & Paul McCartney is different taken to a whole other level and I think it shocked a lot of people. I'm not even sure what kind of genre it fits in but I like it and if the tour rumours are true, count me in!

Charli XCX

Apparently I liked Charli XCX this month because two of her songs managed to make their way into the playlist! Both are filled to the brim with pop princess attitude but I haven't made my way to listening to the full album yet. Maybe next month! I can't help but love the video for Doing It, it kind of reminds me of Gaga/Bey's Telephone video except they're both English and it has some serious 70's vibes going on - lend us that fluffy coat Charli!

. . .ETC

And then there's a whole bunch of miscellaneous songs inbetween that I just felt like listening to! There's stuff from James Bay, alt-j & Ben Howard (who is wonderful live by the way). I didn't really get into the whole 50 Shades of Grey mania but I did like Love Me Like You Do from the soundtrack!

Then there's the curveball - you're probably wondering what the heck is Shy Guy doing in there? Someone sang it on The Voice and I put it straight onto the playlist and listened to it all month. It certainly brightened up a dull February and we all want a a shy guy, right?

Bastille's album will always remind me of revising for my AS Level's but there's one line from one song from it that really resonated with me throughout February. It's from The Silence and it is, "If you give it a name then it's already won, what you good for?". I haven't been very well at all these past two months and at a doctor's appointment the other week, the name of an illness was brought up and suggested that I might have it. It's kinda funny how giving a name to an illness changes things, in many ways. Now that's something to think about!

So that was a little rundown on the music I've been loving this month! Let me know if you like any of the artists I've mentioned & feel free to leave me some recommendations in the comments below!

What have you been listening to in February?

Thanks for reading,