February Favourites!

Hello everyone!

It's February Favourites time! Today I'm going to be sharing all the things I've been loving this month that have stood out enough to earn a special mention. Like the Oscars or Brits, just slightly more low key.

I haven't been wearing makeup a lot in February, only about once or twice as I've been sick so I don't have anything to rave about in that department. I do however have a few bath/body products to show you as baths have been plentiful recently! o2 sent me an incredible box of surprises this month which I'm very thankful for and I've been putting the products to good use. The Creightons Squeeky Clean Daisy Fresh Shower Detox smells like all of the nicest fruits & berries and the Treacle Moon Ice Strawberry Dream bath and shower gel reminds me of the strawberries and cream frappucino from Starbucks! I hadn't heard of either brands before but they're very budget friendly so I can highly recommend them!

After I get out of the bath, the first thing I want to do is moisturise my body, so The Raspberry Kiss was very welcome in my body butter collection! Raspberry is one of my favourite scents but this is raspberry multiplied by a million - it's delicious. Scent aside, it does a remarkably good job at moisturising my skin, making it look and feel so healthy. It takes no time at all to sink in (seriously) and locks the moisture & scent in for hours. What more could a girl want?

I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone mention razor heads in a favourites post but I'm going to because these are no ordinary ones! They're the Gilette Venus ProSkin Moisture Rich (talk about a mouthful) ones and wow. Revolutionary, let me tell ya! They have gel bars attached which create a kind of balm when wet which means you don't need to use shaving foam at all. They just makes the annoying job of shaving your legs so much easier and you guessed it, moisturises your skin too! Oh and not to mention I got them on offer in Tesco for £10.99 down to £2.75. BARGAIN.

The Witch Cleansing Lotion was actually my first ever Twitter giveaway win! I was expecting it to be a creamy lotion type of thing but it's actually a water, which doesn't bother me, it just wasn't what I was expecting! I've been using it as the step after I've removed my makeup or just to refresh my skin and it's lovely. It has that wonderfully fresh smell that all Witch products seem to have and brightens up my skin too!

Last but not least in my beauty favourites is the W7 white nail polish! This was part of a set included in the o2 gift parcel and I was very pleasantly surprised. I love the look of a white polish mani and have been sporting it ever since I got it. It applies very smoothly and evenly which I think is down to the great brush and I find two/three thin coats gives me the opacity I want. Plus it's a mini bottle so it's so dinky and cute!

Again, due to sickness my PJ's have remained a firm favourite but on the days I've had to leave the house my thrifted pink duffle coat has been serving me well! I've from Next and a couple of sizes larger than I am so is very cosy. I'm sure it'll appear in an outfit post soon as I live in Northern Ireland and just because February's over doesn't mean the cold weather is finished yet!

If you've seen this outfit post, you'll know about my love for this Cameliha hair bow! I was kindly sent it by the brand and believe me when I say it's love.

Chocolate is my favourite any day of the year but it was this packet of Thornton's that was extra special this month. I'm a big fan and luckily, the only fan of the cream chocloates in my family so that means they automatically go to me!

Of course I loved my Pancake Tuesday pancakes which you might've seen in this post but I've also been on a bit of a smoothie kick lately. I've been adding something I've never seen anyone use in smoothies before and I think it really adds something else to them. I'm not gonna tell you what it is as I'm gonna do a post on my favourite smoothie recipes soon!

I loved Georgia's fabulous honesty in this super relatable post. (I also just love her blog in general, check it out!)

Leanne's talk through what's in her bedroom was really interesting, as was Rebecca's guide to sprucing up your space on a budget!

I found Hayley-Eszti's magificently inspiring blog!

Amber's outfit was effortlessly cool & hers is another blog you all definitely need to go check out!

Bertie Gilbert's short film 'Rocks That Bleed' was so thought provoking and well produced - really enjoyed this!

Jon's channel was a fabulous discovery!

So those are all the things I've been loving this month! If you read this whole post you're a star!

What were you favourites in February?

Thanks for reading,

♫ Would I lie to you baby, would I lie to you? 
No, I wouldn't.
Some items were very kindly sent to me but all opinions are honest & my own.
The two shower gels, the body butter, the nail polish and the chocolates were gifts from o2 but I was under no obligation to talk about them. The bow from Cameliha was sent to me and you can read my review here!