Weekly Reflect | #17

Hello everyone! 
Welcome to the first weekly reflect of 2015!
I'm kinda glad I started this little series. I looked back on all the previous ones before the new year started and it was nice to remember and really reflect on them. I'm hoping to carry them on throughout the year and do a 'year in weekly reflects' post in a years time! But as for this week . .

This week:

  • . . . we welcomed the New Year in! I don't really like the idea of going out on NYE, for one it'll be way too busy but also because I think it's a time for family. As usual, we stayed in and watched Jools Holland's Annual Hootenanny with nibbles which was lovely. Happy New Year!
    • . . . I made some blogging resolutions, and I blogged about them. I'm determined to make 2015 amazing!
    • . . . we took the Christmas tree down. It's sad to leave the holiday behind but if this year goes by as fast as 2014 did, it won't be long before it's back up again!
    • . . . my sister and I made a gingerbread house! For some reason my sister and I had a severe case of the giggles when putting it together but it was delicious in the end! 


    So that was my week! 
    How was yours?

    Thanks for reading,