What's in my (mini) bag?

Hello everyone!
Do you remember last month when I posted about my first Youtube video (which you can see here!) and I mentioned I might do a 'what's in my mini bag?' post? Well here we are! 

whats in my mini bag handbag essentials

If you watch the video you can see the how small this bag really is. The reason I bought it, besides it being bloody gorgeous, is that I really want to limit the amount of stuff I carry round with me. I don't know about you but I'm so guilty of overpacking my handbag with loads of unnecessary stuff and it gets really cluttered!

This bag means I only carry around the essentials so I'm not weighed down with a heavy bag!

whats in my mini bag handbag essentials

So what's in it?

No matter where I go, my phone and purse are pretty essential! Whether I'm just popping to the shops or going out for dinner, I'll need to pay for my mascara or Instagram my meal keep in contact with people. The portable charger (that pink stick & lead) has proved absolutely indispensable since I was kindly sent it back in the Summer! If I'm using it a lot my phone can run out of charge pretty quickly so it's a game changer. I blogged about it slightly more in depth when I first got it!

Another thing I struggle to go without are my glasses. I don't need to wear them all the time but when on the go I need them for distance. I probably should keep them in a case but I think the inside pocket of the bag does just as well! Another thing I should probably do is clean them more often as sometimes I can see better without them!

whats in my mini bag handbag essentials

To help keep things even further condensed, I've started putting the above into a teeny tiny makeup bag so it's all nice and tidy. If you get annoyed by all that bottom of the bag clutter, give this a go!

In here goes the charger, a packet of tissues, hair bobbles & pins and a Carmex cherry lip balm tube. I like to prepare for emergencies! Carmex is by far my favourite lip balm - no gimmicks, it really works.

So that's my attempt at keeping my handbag clutter to a minimum!

What are your handbag essentials?

Thanks for reading,