The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello everyone!
Not long ago, I was reading the comments on one of my blog posts only to find that I'd been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Lorilee! Now, I'd never heard of it before but I soon found out that the award recognises & applauds fellow bloggers on the quality and uniqueness of their blog - thanks Lorilee!

the versatile blogger award

So here's what happens if you're nominated . . . 

1) Thank the person who nominated you.
2) Pick 15 bloggers that you love & link to their blogs.
3) Let those bloggers know & link them back to your post.
4) Tell 7 things about yourself.

And the bloggers I nominate are . . .

Katy // Marin // Sarah // Rebecca // Claire // Tanith // Amber // Rebecca // Becky // Claire // Hayley // Fee // Sorcha // Elle // Georgia


7 things about me . . .
- Apparently when my mum went into labour with me, Emmerdale was just starting on TV and she remembers hearing the theme tune as she was getting ready to go. I guess I was born to love the show!
- I currently have 3 cat mugs - that is, mugs that have cats on them. One is actually in the shape of a cat face.
- I like cats and tea.
- Odd numbers make me uncomfortable & seem incomplete to me!
- I actually really, really like salads.
- I set my alarm in the morning for half an hour earlier than I need to get up so I can have a 'mini lie-in'.

Thank you once again to Lorilee for the nomination!

Who are your favourite bloggers?

Thanks for reading,