Learning to knit | Pin-spiration!

Hello everyone!
I have something a little different today but it's something I have a big interest in & hope to be able to share with you!

knitting pinterest craft diy
all images taken from pinterest (can be found on my Craft & DIY board linked below)

I'm learning to knit! 
Well, technically relearning as I used to do it a few years ago but I completely forgot how to. You may have seen on my Instagram I started on Monday night & have been practicing every night since. 

It definitely takes a bit of getting used to but it's such a relaxing thing to do in the evenings while I'm watching TV. I still need to figure out getting my hands in the right position but I'm getting there! Hopefully when I master regular stitching I can move onto some more ambitious knits, like the ones I've found on Pinterest lately!

Since I got the Pinterest app on my phone I've been pinning away like mad, especially on my Craft & DIY board! I can't wait to be able to knit like that and maybe even crochet too. How cute is that stag head? And that hedgehog?!

I hope you enjoyed this wee post and maybe have been inspired to knit! Please feel free to share your Pinterest profiles and I definitely need to follow more of you on there.

Can you knit/crochet?

Thanks for reading,