Beauty Products I Wish Existed

Hello everyone!

A lot of the time my thoughts are filled with cats, cats and more cats but sometimes I do wonder about beauty products. Being a beauty blogger, they do cross my mind from time to time y'know. I often think to myself, "Why hasn't someone invented ____ before?" and I've realised this thought occurs quite a lot. Then I thought I should probably write these products down and here I am, pitching them to you Dragon's Den style! Well not really, but here are the beauty products I wish existed and am quite frankly baffled why they don't.

Fake Pale

I'm pale and I like to embrace that. 
Fake tan has never really appealed to me - it seems like a lot of hassle and the streaks and patchiness have always put me off. Not to mention the fact that any kind of orange would look odd next to my ghostly face so I just never bothered. I dabbled with Sally Hansen's Airbrush legs for a bit but really that was only because I wanted an even skin tone for my legs, not to add any colour. 
My idea is fake pale. It does what it says on the tin, evens out your paleness and calms down any redness you may have. I know I have. It's a bit annoying there's no such thing for us Casper's but fingers crossed some genius will invent it for us soon!

Bottom Lash Curlers

I did a bit of research to see if these were available. Apparently Sephora did them but I can't find them, only a bunch of bad reviews so I'm guessing they got discontinued. 
I curl my top lashes everyday - it's gotten to the point it feels wrong if I ever forget to - and can't help but wonder if curling my bottom lashes would make a difference. Bottom lash curlers aren't a product I need, but they are one I'd be damn curious to try, wouldn't you? 

Mark Resistant Foundation

Glasses wearers will know my problem when I say 'glasses marks'. It wouldn't be so much of a problem if I was wearing my glasses all day but I only need them for seeing in the distance. When I take them off, I'm left with two marks near my nose where my foundation has rubbed off as a result of my glasses sitting on them! It's the same with sunglasses, I've been that person on a few occassions where I don't take them off indoors and you know why? Because of the glasses marks!
Beauty industry, I put it to you, please make a foundation that is resistant to such marks and for the sake of human kind, make it affordable.


Phew, I feel like I've just got a lot off my chest. 
I'm sure if I put my mind to it could think of more but I'll just leave it at three for now. 

Are there any other 'things I wish existed' posts you'd like to see?
Clothing items, everyday things, gadgets? I could get to thinking and make this a series!


Can you think of any beauty products you wish existed?

Thanks for reading,