Spring Fashion | New Look Haul

Why hello there again! 
January's gone, February was over in the blink of an eye and here we are in March! Yet very few posts from me on this blog. What with my comments not working and not being able to upload photos for a while, I sadly had to put it on hold. Schoolwork has had to take the front seat and will be doing so until Summer I'm afraid. I do love blogging and intend to really stick to it after my AS Levels are done. 

I've been sick with the flu for a wee while now and what do I do when I'm at home with the internet? Internet shop of course! And I couldn't not show you what I got.

I think New Look has really stepped it's game up and I had a HUGE wishlist which when added to basket totalled to a crazy amount of money. So I wittled it down, and even though it's still quite a big haul, I'm super happy with everything I got. Take a look . . . 

What do you think?
I'm LOVING all things pink, pastel and cute right now so there's a slight theme. 


£17.99 £8

Currently, the weather is so temperamental and it's really not acceptable to wear these yet. However my logic is, in buying them I am willing the Summer to get here faster. ...I know. 
I've been looking out for a pair like these at a decent price for a while so when they went to the sale I snapped them up and, admittedly, they are very short but thank the inventor of tights! I think they'll be great for festivals and allsorts teamed with pretty much anything. Super soft and they have two back pockets - win.

Ah, mes chéris, ne vous aiment pas seulement cela? Being a French A Level student and also desperately wanting to go to New York, I couldn't resist this. I love the colour blocking and I think it's gonna be great when I just want a casual outfit but to still look good.

Love it or hate it, the tapestry look still isn't going anywhere. I adore the look of these and before I tried them on I wasn't expecting them to be half as comfy as they are. I can't wait to pair these with outfits, in particular the green skinny jeans I also got from New Look.


Who doesn't own a pair of frill socks these days? I've been wanting a pair ever since they came back on trend but most on the high street come in at around £4/5, and while that isn't really expensive, I just can't justify it for a bit of cloth to go between my feet and my shoes! Especially when I could buy a nail polish for the same price. I know they do them in Primark for a bit cheaper but they're never in stock in my local so I gave in to this pair. Not much I can say other than I can't wait to put these bad boys into some outfits.

£22.99 £12

Stop the search.
I've found THE cosiest, comfiest jumper of all time. It's a mix of bobbly/shaggy-ness with a little angora thrown in for good measure, all in the most gorgeous bubblegum pink. I can see this getting a lot of wear time from me in both the warmer and colder months.

You know when you order something online and then can't wait for it to arrive so much that you can't stop thinking about it? (please let me know if I'm not the only one that does this?) Well this skirt was probably the thing I was most excited about to get through the post.
Just look at that adorable pattern - yes, thanks to Miranda Priestly we know florals for Spring aren't exactly groundbreaking but, they are adorable!
I really like the look of A line mini skirts but for some reason this just doesn't sit on me the way I'd like. Sadface. I do love it on the hanger so hopefully I can grow to love it on me too.
It's made really well though, and has a concealed zip on the back so it gets the thumbs up from me.

£14.99 £7

To me, plimsolls are an easy and versatile choice of footwear, you can have them in any colour or pattern and they're comfy. They're my shoe of choice for just walking around town as well as concerts and I'm quite happy to add this pair to my collection. From the picture online I thought they were going to be a bit brighter looking but they're more of a dusty pink, however it's not something I can't live with and I just know these are gonna get plenty of use this Spring and Summer.

£17.99 £8

Another pair of little denim shorts, this time with the cute addition of polka dots. Let's face it, polka dots are never gonna go awaY. They made appearances in SS14 collections and now they've made their way into my wardrobe. These are also high waisted and I'm excited to wear them with cropped t-shirts and jumpers.

Behold. This beauty.
It combines my favourite shade of pink and my other favourite, the daisy pattern. I expected it to be smaller, and I actually wanted to use it as a money purse but it's quite large. For that reason I'll be using this for going round town as well as nights out as it can hold quite a lot. If this came in a purse version I'd be on that faster than Ferrari. It does come in a mint blue colour though, and if that goes to the sale I'd love it too. Definitely check it out if mint floats your boat a more so than pink.

£19.99 £11

I own two other pair of jeans from New Look so I know I like them and these are no exception to the rule. This pair are suuuper skinny, they really hug you while still being comfy and stretchy enough to let you move. I personally think this colour goes really well with dusty pink, as well as other colours so I have plenty to wear them with! Also, I have part of my St. Patricks Day outfit sorted already!


I also ordered this pair of flat black boots

but got another pair of shoes entirely! I received some sky high black heels with gold buckles on them. I can see how they sound similar but they look worlds apart. As much as I love black heels, I don't need another pair and these ones are just too high for me to wear so I'll not be keeping them.

Has this ever happened to you?
What did you do?


Where would you recommend me to shop from next?

Overall I'm over the moon with my purchases and still have another 50 items in my New Look wishlist but I'll just have to wait until my bank balance recovers haha!

What's your favourite item here?


Thanks for reading,
Maeve x