My Third Graze Box

Why hello there!

It's clear that Graze must be doing something right because this is the third time I've ordered a box.
It was actually a little bit of a surprise for me - I had my last box back in September and then decided not to have another for a while. Graze give you the option to push back your orders and I pushed my all the way to January, which at the time seemed like ages away. It snuck up rather quickly if I'm honest, and it wasn't until I checked my bank account last Thursday to find I had money go out to Graze that I knew to expect a box the next day!

It was definitely a good surprise though, I wasn't disappointed with any of the little punnets I received.
With my first two boxes, I spaced out the contents over almost a week but this only lasted two days in my house!


The smoky gazpacho dip with wholemeal crisp bread slices was first to go. As an after lunch treat, my mum and I shared this. The bread slices were very hard and crunchy, and me having braces had to keep them in my mouth for a while until they softened. Not really too much of a problem because it meant they lasted a bit longer. We thought the dip was absolutely delicious though, smoky and spicy - I'd happily buy a whole jar of this!
Since trying, I've upgraded this to love on the Graze website.

Next up was cheddar gorge. Again, this was a very crunchy snack but I managed it fine. All the pieces had a nice flavour but I wasn't particularly impressed - I didn't hate it, didn't love it, it was just alright.
I'd have it again but wouldn't go out and buy more specifically.
Since trying, I've kept it as try on the Graze website.

Then sitting down to some Friday evening TV, my mum and I opened the black pepper pistachios. I love pistachios, and I love black pepper even more so this was a great addition to find in the box! It had a very intense flavour which wasn't unwelcome to me or my mum, but if you're not a fan of pepper then I advise steer clear.
Since trying, I've set this as like on the Graze website.

This morning (Saturday) I had pancakes around lunchtime and the walnut and vanilla truffle was delicious alongside. This was the punnet I was most excited about as I love all the the contents so much. Dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds the most, especially when they're vanilla infused. Before even tasting, this smelt yummy and I would absolutely have it again.
Since trying, I've put this as love on the Graze website.


Overall, a good result I'd say, so thanks to the people at Graze for choosing well!

Graze boxes are normally £3.89 unless you have a promo code or offer. On this particular box I had a pound off because someone used my code.

I'd recommend the Graze experience to anyone, and if you sign up you can have your own friendcode to hand out to people. 

I'm pushing my next delivery to 14th February but in the meantime I might just try out one of their breakfast boxes. 


How about you?
Ever tried a Graze box?

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