Summer Loves and Essentials! (+little surprise for you)

Hello everyone!

As we get into the warmer months, that means two things. The first being exams (for myself and other students alike) but also some lovely sunshine to brighten up the scene. Here in the UK where it's mostly cold and/or rainy, the Sun does occasionally like to pop out around this time of the year!

I had my first AS Level on Thursday which was a French Speaking exam. I was crazily nervous as it involved reciting a memorised 3 minute presentation then answering unseen questions for about 10 minutes afterwards. All with an external examiner. All in French. I'm sure you can understand why it was quite a challenge but luckily the examiner was lovely and I'm quite happy with how it went. It was such a relief to get it over and done with but I'm nowhere near finished exam season yet! 

I have to put my Art display up this Wednesday, which will involve some serious cramming from now til then, and on Friday I have my written Media Studies exam on the topics of TV Drama and the Music Industry. Wish me luck! Then I have a big gap of time until my last exam on the 19th June which is my French Listening, Reading and Writing. 
After that I'll be free!


After my French Speaking exam, the weather was absolutely glorious and the timing of my parcel from Firmoo arriving couldn't have been better! I got home to find a package from China for me, in which was a beautiful pair of sunnies.

So I thought I'd compile a few things together to show you my Summer Loves and Essentials for the upcoming months!

Lip Balm:

This is definitely a must for Summer. No one wants dry lips and a balm with SPF is even better. I really like the Maybelline Baby Lips for a subtle pop of colour, especially Pink Punch. If you want a more moisturising effect rather than colour, opt for Hydrate - I'm never without it these days.

Nail Polish:

I'm always a fan of colour on my nails and when it comes into the Summer that means no school, and no rules to tell me I can't wear some polish! This Spring/Summer is all about pastels and neons so don't be afraid to go for an all out burst of colour. I love the Miss Sporty polishes as the formula is fantastic, they're so opaque while still being affordable.


Now you may be thinking, "Maeve, aren't candles more of a Winter thing?" but for me, candles are an all year round staple. Switch up the scents and go for something fruity. I can't wait to burn this Mango Peach Salsa votive once my exams are over!


Unfortunately, those Christmas jumpers will have to be put to the back of the wardrobe for now as it's officially short sleeve weather! It's also a great time to embrace a good skirt, dress or playsuit but of course, shorts are always a winner for me, especially as it can still be a bit windy here. You can always try the current-popular skort if you want the best of both worlds. (*bursts in full on Miley Cyrus karaoke mode*)


Sunnies are an essential for protecting your eyes from the Sun's rays while still being a fab way to jazz up your look. Even better if they're prescription. Firmoo contacted me and asked me to browse their sunglasses range and see if anything caught my attention and this pair did. What's more is they offered me a voucher to help go towards the cost! I fell in love with this pair and the timing couldn't be better as I'd just been to the opticians the day before I got their email so I knew my accurate prescription.

And here they are, the gorgeous pair I bought, the #FS1008 as Firmoo are calling them. They cost $49 (about £30) and shipping to the UK was $18.75 (about £11) so not bad at all if you take into consideration how much a pair might cost if you take a trip to your local opticians. Firmoo deliver all over the world so take a look and see if you could have a pair delivered to you!

You can choose the colour of the lenses and I went for moderate brown which I really love as I don't own any this colour and you can still see out of them very well as they're not pitch black. They have plastic black rims and gold coloured legs so look super classy and stylish with any outfit.

I have a fairly low prescription but I wear ordinary glasses for distance, seeing the board in school, TV, laptop and that sort of thing. Also, when I start driving I would legally have to wear them so I'm really glad I have a pair with corrective and darker lenses.

This is everything you get with your glasses!
 This was a surprise for me as I thought it would be just the pair you were getting, but you also get: a hard case, a soft case, a cleaning cloth and a double ended screwdriver for tightening. Now if that's not value for money then I don't know what is.

They took 12 days to be delivered which is quite long but they were coming from China, and it was quite exciting not knowing exactly when they would arrive.

The cases are both gorgeous and handy, but for me the hard case won't close properly and neither will the soft drawstring one. Not sure if that's just mine. I wasn't even expecting to get these items so I'm not that bothered but watch out for that if it matters to you.

If you like this pair or any of the others in their range, you're in luck!
Firmoo were also kind enough to give me another voucher code to give to you guys, my lovely readers!

Have a look here, pick a pair and use the code "7642e14101" at the checkout and you'll get $30 off the price. This offer ends on the 30th May so act fast.
You're welcome!

Do let me know in the comments which pair you'd like to use that voucher on.


Of course another Summer essential is suncream/sunblock - don't forget it! I didn't include it as we should all know to be using it anyway!

Thanks for reading,


*The glasses were paid in part with my own money and in part with a voucher Firmoo offered me. All opinions are honest and my own.