Topshop Nail Wraps | "Festive Fairisle"

Why hello there!

My sister knows I love nail art, so for my birthday a few weeks ago she did well to get me these! I'd never used wraps before, I always use a dotting tool to paint designs on so I couldn't wait to try out something which could make things a lot easier. Unfortunately, working in a cafe I'm not allowed to wear anything on my nails so had to hold out until I got my Christmas break. I actually applied them on Christmas Eve which was lovely to do because it got me all excited!

The back of the packet instructed me to apply the sticker to a nail, bend it under the nail then file it down into shape. 

The stickers were very accommodating - in other words, way too long for my short nails. No matter, I simply cut the sticker down to size after applying then used a file. Better too long than too short, especially as I kept the excess to use another time.

- Gorgeous effect
- Takes little effort
- Won't be too short if you have long nails
- Gives you 12 incase you mess up


- Starts to bubble/crease
- Don't last long

 For a first timer, I was impressed at how non-fiddly this actually was. I simply applied, smoothed, cut and filed. I didn't really like having to file around the edges though as it meant I had to file my finger a bit - ouch.

I added a top coat but they lasted a mere 2 days, partially because they had already started to crease from 10 minutes after application. (as you can see in the photos above)

Not too shabby though - the design is so cute and lovely for Winter, I'm not sure if Topshop still stock them because I can't find them online, however they do a good range of wraps and other nail art bits and bobs

I got plenty of comments on these on Christmas day, so I really recommend nail wraps if you want an easy, stand out nail pattern, and I'll definitely consider nail wraps in future!


I'd love to try some Topshop nail polishes but I just think £6 is a little much for just one polish
what's your opinion?
Have you tried nail wraps before?
Where do you get your nail art supplies from?



Disclaimer: I was gifted these by my sister and so don't know the exact price.