The Autumn/Winter Tag

I'm a December baby and it's no secret that I love A/W and just about everything that goes with it! So I thought this tag would be not only very appropriate but a bit of fun too.

If you want to do this too then consider yourself tagged!

1) What's your favourite thing about Autumn/Winter?
Where to start! I absolutely love when it starts to get a bit darker and nippier, because that means scarves, gloves, hats and lots of layers. I love when people get into the festive spirit. I LOVE spending time planning and buying gifts for my friends and family (the fact that I now have an earning job makes that aspect even better). The Christmas market. My parents, sister and my birthday are all in A/W, as well as the obvious Christmas so I regard it as a really celebratory time. My parents have always made Christmas magical and one day I hope to create a magic like that with a family of my own. Food. Warm drinks. Cuddles. Candles. Also I think nature is really beautiful around this time of year - just look at these pictures I took the other evening!

2) What's your favourite drink?
I'll have a good old cuppa tea any day! Plenty of milk, no sugar.
I also love hot chocolate but I'm gonna try not to drink any this Winter because of my braces I'm trying to cut down on sugar.

3) What's your favourite scent/candle?
I'm a huge lover of all scents vanilla or cinnamon. As for perfume, I think I'm going to repurchase Beyonce Heat as I've run out and I think it's a great fragrance for this time of year. As for candles, I don't think you can get a scent more Christmassy smelling than Yankee Candle Red Apple Wreath.

4) What's the best lipstick for this time of year?
I don't think you can go wrong with a good red - my red of choice being Rimmel's Lasting Finish by Kate in 'Rossetto 22'. 

I would like to get some nice purple/berry shades if you could recommend me? I'm thinking along the lines of MAC Dark Side / Topshop Beguiled.

5) What's your go-to moisturiser?
For my face it's just Simple's Hydrating Moisturiser and for hands, it's E45 Cream. I used to be all about Hand Food, and I'll still use it at times but I'll find myself reaching for E45 more often as I find it's longer lasting and I prefer the feel to it. For body, I love anything Cocoa Butter related and I've been loving Vaseline's lotion for a while now. Recently, if I'm wanting a quick touch up of body moisturiser, I find Soap & Glory's Girligo Spray On Mist is really handy!

6) What are your go-to colours for the eyes?
For daytimes I'll probably opt for neutrals with a hint of gold, and for nights I'll smoke up the neutral and maybe add some purple in there.

7) What's your favourite music to listen to this Autumn/Winter?
All the old classic Christmas tunes and of course, the wonderful Michael Buble's Christmas album.
Non-Christmas-wise, I've been listening to The 1975's album a lot. I am in love with their music. 
Others include AlunaGeorge's Body Music and Arctic Monkey's AM. I'm sure I'll be listening to MMLP2 and Tinie Tempah's Demonstration a lot too as they've been released recently.

8) What's your favourite outfit to wear?
As of lately it's been jammies/scarves/hats at home, but once I'm feeling better and getting out I'll be wearing lots of jumpers with shirts underneath, jeans or skirts with wooly tights, boots and thick socks. And of course the odd dress for nights out!


Go ahead and do this tag if you love A/W like I do!
What candles do you recommend?
What berry toned lippies are you loving?

Thanks for reading,