My Top 5 Beauty Products of 2013

Why hello there!

Today I thought I'd share with you my favourite beauty products of the year before we launch into a new one.
Let me know if you've tried some of the same items!


I dabbled in some other foundations this year but the one that stood out for me was this. It's great in that it's got a buildable coverage so gives me what I need, whether it's a good or bad skin day. Plus, I love embracing my pale so this shade gets an A+ in itself! It claims to last 16 hours but personally, I've never wore it that long so I can't vouch for that. And honestly, I doubt it actually does. However, for daily use I apply a bit of powder on top and it stays put until I want to take it off in the evening. 

What a year for these lipbalms! They received a whole lot of hype when they launched in the UK during the Summer but truth be told, I only bought into that in December. Despite that, I'd still say they were one of my favourite products of 2013. I first bought Hydrate and told myself I wouldn't get any of the others, but I was so impressed I had to get two more! (Cherry Me and Pink Punch) I'm eyeing up the others now, and not just because they look cute lined up on my dressing table or in my makeup bag - they work. Hydrate is definitely the most moisturising but for days when I want a splash of colour I can pop on either of the other two and still confide in the fact that my lips will stay soft.

Another very much hyped product in the blogging world that I told myself I didn't need, until this year. I can most definitely promise that it deserves the hype. I use it under my eyes and a little on my nose and chin and it simply makes gives these areas more coverage and concealing. A great little bargain, especially when Boots usually have an offer on where if you spend over £x on Collection, you get a free nail polish, mascara etc. I don't think I could be convinced that another concealer could be better!

MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick
I got this last Christmas and throughout 2013 it's been a wonderful addition to my lipstick collection - especially as it was my first MAC product! I wore it to a wedding, to a night out and more. What I love is that you can dab just a little touch on for a more subtle approach, or go all out popping pink if you dare. 

2013 was the year I put my holy grail mascara (Benefit's They're Real!) on hold in search of something new. I'd been wanting to try Volume Million for a while, the brush seemed just right for me and having quite long eyelashes anyway means I look more for volume in a mascara. This gives me both. At £10.99 it probably has the average drugstore mascara price, and I guess that's a reasonable amount to part with every few months but I have tried cheaper mascaras that can do almost as good a job. It's price is it's only slight downfall for me but luckily my favourite man in the big red jacket brought me They're Real this Christmas which I'll use when Volume Million dries out. 


So there you have it, my favourite 5 beauty products of the year. They may not all be brand new releases this year, but they are all new discoveries for me. 
In 2014 I hope to find some new favourites, especially extend my MAC collection and try some other high end products. What do you recommend?

Also, I noticed Boots currently have a few offers on some of these:
- get a free gift box when you spend at least £15 on selected L'Oreal Paris
- get a free mascara when you spend at least £5 on selected Collection
- 3 for 2 on selected Maybelline

Before this year is out I'll be posting my favourite albums, nail polishes and blogs of 2013 so keep your eyes open for those!

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The fact that 4/5 of these products are on offer in Boots is purely coincidental (and Boots are always having offers on anyway). This post was not sponsored by Boots or by anyone (and neither are any of my posts so far). So far my blog isn't that big a deal yet for any brand or company to ask me to do so. I just thought I'd point out these offers as they may be helpful to someone! :)