Would you like a FREE Graze Box?

Hello there everyone!

I recently signed up for fortnightly graze boxes, and I am currently waiting for my first one to arrive tomorrow! I am very excited to see what I get inside, and also very excited to tell you that I have an offer code to share with you all which entitles you to a free box!

If you aren't familiar with Graze, here's how it works:

  1. You browse their website, selecting which snacks you would like and love in your personalised box, and also which snacks you would never like to be sent. (if you don't like, for example, olives, you can make sure they never send you them to avoid disappointment)
  2. You let them know if you want your box delivered to your home or workplace. (handy if you don't have the time to make your own/go out and buy your own lunchtime snacks)
  3. You wait for them to send you your box. (you can tell them how often you'd like your boxes, and on which days are best suited to you)
  4. You receive your box through the post and enjoy! (this is the part I'm waiting on!)
So, onto the part you clicked on this post for - the free box!

Use the code RK19QG5 to get your first box free, or simply click on this link which directs you to the Graze website with the code already installed for you: http://www.graze.com/uk/p/RK19QG5

The only condition is that you have to be a newcomer to Graze i.e. it has to be your first box, so if you want to try it out, here's your chance. 

Have you signed up to Graze? What are your thoughts on subscription boxes? I'm thinking of maybe signing up to monthly beauty boxes but I don't know which one yet - any recommendations? 

Most importantly, enjoy your first Graze box on me!


Disclaimer: I am subscribed to Graze but not affiliated with the brand. This is not a sponsored post (none of mine are!) As I am honest with you, I'll tell you that for every person who uses my code, I get £1 off my next box or I give a £1 donation to Graze's farming school. You will also be able to give out your own code allowing you to get money off your boxes if you sign up to Graze.