The 'I went to Boots + a charity shop' Haul

Hello everyone!

I know Thrift O'Clock has taken a little hiatus but I assure you I am very much back and can't wait to blog again. With GCSE's I didn't really have the chance to sit down on my laptop much, or go out shopping, but now they're over I will definitely keep this blog running. I can only thank you all for staying with me!

I've been working in a deli for about 3 weeks now and as exhausting as it is, I do enjoy getting out of the house and earning my own money, and that's exactly how this haul was funded!
It's not a massive haul - I went shopping yesterday mainly to get a few essential makeup bits and trek round the charity shops, (which I haven't done in so long) as well as go to lots of different shops just to try things on.

Anyway, on with the haul!

I popped into Boots as I knew there was a 3 for 2 offer on L'Oreal makeup. Their Infallible foundation is my all time favourite and I've always wanted to try the Volume Million Lashes mascara, so when I found out the offer was on I was delighted! I got the Rouge Caresse lipstick in 301 Dating Coral as my freebie which I'm very excited to try and I'll maybe do a review if anyone would like that?

The Rimmel London Clear Complexion powder is something I will continue to repurchase into the foreseeable future. There's not a lot I can say other than that it's a wonder product and does exactly what it says on the lid - clears your complexion. I've been wearing this alone recently to work and it just gives me that confidence that my skin is evened out and clearer.

I feel like the last blogger to buy this - the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. Everyone in the blogging world has raved about it, I don't think I've read one negative review about it, but I never got round to buying it? I'm very lucky to only have the odd spot every once in a while so I never saw the need, but lately I've been wanting just a tad more coverage around my eyes so I knew this would do the job. There was another offer in Boots that if you spent more than £4 in Boots, you could get a Hot Looks nail polish free so that sweetened the deal! I got one in the shade 59 Look At Me! and as the name suggests, it does stand out a bit. I tried it on my nails when I got home and two coats gives a good even coverage of . . . a very hard to describe green. It's definitely a colour that will pop and contrast with outfits - can't wait to wear it!

The last thing I picked up in Boots was their Natural Collection Vanilla body spray. I've tried a few of their different body sprays and Vanilla is one I will always prefer - it's a great scent for any time of the year, but I especially love it in Autumn/Winter so I thought it would be great for going back to school.


Next I went to my favourite charity shop (does anyone else have a favourite or is it just me?) which never fails to deliver. I think I got the best items I've ever got from any charity shop this time!
I pulled these three things into the changing rooms and was absolutely thrilled.

£4.75 - originally from Primark
Firstly I picked up this bluey-purple top. It's quite sheer and I love the details on the sleeves and front as well as the peter pan collar. It's a little long for a top yet too short for a dress so I think I'll tuck it into things mostly.

£4.75 - originally from Exhibit
I've been looking online for a white top with detailing on the front for a good while now but haven't been able to find one just right. I would, of course, have to find one in a charity shop! I really love this - the sleeves and back are sheer but the front isn't so it's very wearable.

£4.55 - orginally from H&M

 This little beauty is my new love. It's made of a lovely material in a dusty pink colour and I can't even put in words how happy I was when I spotted it! I've been on the lookout for a new skirt but due to my sizing being very awkward, it's hard to get one that fits right. This is a UK Size 6 and has a stretchy waistband so it adjusts to fit me just how it should! I can think of tons of ways to wear this so I'll get a good lot of wear out of it - it goes really nicely with the white shirt for a classy look as well as with the blue top for a bit of colour block!


Feel free to go ahead and tell me about anything you've hauled lately or if you've tried anything I got from Boots - the comment section is ready!