My 1st GrazeBox! | Review

Hi lovelies!

(my hospital story - skip this paragraph if you aren't interested and just want to read the review)

This post is a tad overdue - I received my GrazeBox a week ago, however I had to be taken to hospital the day it was supposed to arrive. Last Thursday, I woke with a very sore tummy, so sore to the point where it was very difficult to even stand up. As my job involves standing up all day, I had to call in sick (for the first time). I rested in bed for most of the day, hoping it would go away. I made a doctors appointment for the next day as that was the soonest the doctor could see me. I woke up the next morning, Friday, the day the GrazeBox was scheduled to arrive. I went to my doctor, expecting just a check over and for him to tell me to rest and take some painkillers. Oh no. He asked me if he could feel my stomach and I lay down on the examining table while he poked and prodded at it. When he told me that he thought it was appendicitis I was not expecting that! When he told me I had to go to hospital I was even more shocked. 
My mum kindly drove me there as my pains started to worsen. To cut this story a little shorter, I had to wait around 3 days in hospital before I could have the operation. Despite my own doctors impatience, the hospital doctors weren't so quick to act and wanted to wait until I worsened until they would operate. During a lot of this time I also had to fast. You guessed right if you guessed I wasn't too happy about that. I digress, I had my appendix removed and am now safe at home recovering - so this post is being written while I'm a little sore and I have a bandage over a wound but I'm getting better!

Anywhoo! I had to wait until I got home to tuck into my GrazeBox - and when I did, I wasn't disappointed!

In my box, I received:
-Copacabana (I rated as 'try' online)
-Carrot Cake with an Afternoon Infusion (I rated as 'love' online)
-The Firecracker (I rated as 'like' online)
-Twist of Black Pepper Popcorn (I rated as 'love' online)

And also:
-Nutritional Information booklet
-Welcome booklet
-100% recycled napkin

The box itself is also recyclable! Thumbs up for being eco-friendly Graze.

The whole box is decorated with cute animations and phrases. They also make it really personal with 'Hi Maeve' on the leaflet.
If you're interested, you also get all the nutritional information you need about each punnet; calorie, fat, sugar, salt, protein, fibre content etc. which I'm sure would be very useful if you're watching what you eat, but to me, I don't really mind!

Here's my special code that could get you a free box if you use it! I blogged about it here.



the firecracker - 139 kcal per punnet
When I returned home from hospital, I decided to have a 'Graze evening' with my family and we started with The Firecracker. It contains chilli rice crackers, spicy paprika peanuts and salsa corn sticks. These were very much enjoyed by everyone in my family except my little brother who isn't a big fan of spice. I don't think they were too spicy but my mum thought they were, so I suppose it's all down to personal taste! My favourite were the rice crackers. "Moreish" as my mum described them, and I agree!

all gone!
twist of black pepper popcorn - 127 kcal per punnet
Next to be devoured was the packet of popcorn! I was very excited about this seeing as I love popcorn and I LOVE black pepper, so I couldn't wait to try out the combination of both. 

The popcorn was super easy to prepare - just take out of the blue packet, pop in the microwave and wait until you could hear one pop every two seconds (around 2 minutes). Quick and easy, and worth it!

The bag puffed up to look like this and there was plenty of popcorn inside! Every corn popped - I was very impressed with that.

The taste was quite unique - salty and peppery, unlike any popcorn I've ever tasted before and very, very tasty!

carrot cake with an afternoon infusion - 88 kcal per punnet
The next morning, I thought I would switch my usual cup of tea for the teabag included in my GrazeBox. I know it says it's an 'afternoon infusion' but I simply couldn't wait to try it! 

I was unsure if this was ordinary tea until I added water and was glad when I found out it was. I'm not into herbal teas or fruit teas - just plain old tea suits me fine!

I added milk and munched on the little slice of carrot cake as an after-breakfast snack. The tea had a very smooth flavour, a little different to the tea I normally have but absolutely delish! I want to be able to buy a whole packet!

The carrot cake didn't disappoint - instead of the usual sticky icing you get on carrot cake, it was topped with seeds for a more low calorie snack. It was packed with flavour and I wasn't sharing this with anyone - too good to share! 

the last punnet left!
copacabana - 249 kcal per punnet
Last but not least, Copacabana! Little brother may not be a lover of spice, but he has a sweet tooth and was most excited about this! I shared this with the family for an after-lunch-dessert and it was a nice little snack. It was made up of 3 Belgian dark chocolate buttons and 3 milk chocolate buttons and plenty of Brazil nuts. I did enjoy it, but it wasn't my favourite thing in the box. It was just a little ordinary/unimaginative for me, but that's just me!


This was my first GrazeBox and I was honestly extremely pleased with everything I got! The Copacabana was just something I thought I could easily get for myself so for that reason I rate this box a 3/4.

I got 2 loves, 1 like and 1 try.

Due to my operation, I have to have some time off work so I don't have any money coming in at the moment. For that reason, I've postponed my next box until September when I will be earning again. I think these little punnets will be great for popping into my lunch in sixth form!


If you take out the inner compartment of the box, Graze have included a joke!

Q: If I had 7 apples in one hand and 6 bananas in the other, what would I have?

A: Massive hands!


Haha it's just a silly joke but it put a smile on my face! 


Are you subscribed to Graze? Have you had one of these punnets in your box before? Which one would you like to try most? Would you be pleased with the box I got?