Poundland Stationery Haul!

Hi everyone!

Wow, it's been quite a week for me! I went shopping a few times, went to a party/sleepover, got glasses and had a sister who received her A level results. I feel like I haven't posted in a while, but overall it's been a very tiring week and I just couldn't get a minute to myself to sit down at my laptop and write. But now it's pouring down with rain outside so I'm not going anywhere and I'm going to write.

On Saturday, I went on my usual Saturday shopping trip, round the mall and all the thrift stores.

First stop, Poundland. I went in there looking for school stationery.
Next, I took a visit to Superdrug where I bought two things - look out for a blog post to come soon!
Lastly, I searched through all the charity shops - there will also be a post about my finds in the near future.

This post will be about the results of my time in Poundland. I knew I wanted to get my school supplies there back when I posted here. Everything is a pound or 2 for £1 so it made sense to get everything there.

My lovely school stationery stash!

A4 Expanding File

In the past I've always used lever arch files and had to carry them on my arm because they don't fit in a school bag. This year I decided to get an expanding file instead. It fits in my bag and comes with 5 divides inside. They also had this in black!

It seals with a two velcro pads.

It came with these letters on card but I have no need for them so threw them out!

5 divides with tabs. I think this file will be so much less hassle compared to a lever arch. With a lever arch file, I had to make sure every page was hole punched before I could put it in. Pages would eventually rip under pressure, but hopefully not with this!

A4 Note Book

This has only 60 pages, which I will in no doubt use up so quickly, but I love spiral notebooks and it's pink! There were other colours too.

Retractable Pens (2 for £1)

I was about to pick up a packet of 10 pens but then I saw these in a section of the shop which had all 2 for £1 back to school things - delight! 14 pens; 6 black, 6 blue and 2 red. 


Highlighters are a necessity for me. I definitely learn better with colour so why not learn for cheaper? At just a pound I snapped these up faster than lightening.

(The Cutest) Elephant Pencilcase

I cannot even tell you how much I love this elephant print, it's SO cute!

It's a really good spacious pencilcase, very pleased.

2 Elephant Notebooks and Pen Set

These are even cuter than the pencilcase and perfect handbag size for those moments on the go when you can't let an idea be forgotten. Did I mention I adore this print?!

I feel like I can never have enough notebooks - I'm always writing lists and jotting down ideas, plans and schedules - and I can't wait to write in these!

I'm so happy with everything I bought at Poundland! Having all this stationery almost makes me want to go back to school now! Almost. This summer has gone past so quickly don't you agree?

When I was in Poundland, I noticed in their little beauty corner... They. Have. Stila. Makeup.
I was thrilled when I saw they had  the Natural Finish Oil Free Makeup and the Angel Light Whitening Powder Refill. 
However, after opening the box to see the lightest shade of the Natural Finish, it looked far too dark! I was impressed at the glass bottle, and would have loved to buy it if it was only lighter. 
I am very tempted to buy the Angel Light powder just to see what it's like next time I'm in Poundland.

What have you been up to this week?
Been to Poundland? 
What bargains did you pick up?

M :)