MUA Lipstick Review!

Hello everyone!

Today I'll be reviewing the 2 MUA lipsticks I bought last Saturday. I bought them in Shade 4 and Shade 7.

In the Superdrug I went into they weren't stocked with all the products MUA has to offer and I was quite disappointed because I wanted to get the concealer brush and the eyeliner but never mind.

Shade 4
Shade 7

As a stick, Shade 4 looks like your typical barbie pink. It looks like it would be a really solid matte colour on the lips but really, it is more of a . . . pinkified lipgloss when applied to the lips. I didn't know if I was going to like this as it is quite bright but I actually really like it!

Shade 7 is a deep red and isn't like the formulation of the other shade at all. It's slightly thicker but still shiny. I love this colour, it's bold yet classy at the same time.


Upper swatch : Shade 7
Lower swatch : Shade 4

My bare lips as a comparison to the lipsticks

Shade 4:

Shade 7: 

Lol for duck lips! haha don't judge me.

Staying Power: Stays on for long enough but transfers easily.

Formulation: As I said, they are both different. Shade 4 is stickier and shinier, like lipgloss on a stick. Shade 7 is more creamier and more of a solid colour with a tiny bit of shimmer. Also, very moisturising!

Packaging: I must say, the bottle is really nice, it's black and silver so very classy and you can't go far wrong with that. I did a little research on the internet about these before I bought them, and read that you can take off the clear end part and it's a tiny lid of more product! I can take off this part on Shade 4 but not on Shade 7, try as I might, it's impossible to take off!

Scent: At first opening, I was hit with a vanilla scent and I immediately thought, "Well, that's quite nice," but I can imagine some people might not like it. I've gotten used to the scent now and it doesn't bother me.

Price: £1. Unbelievably good value.

Overall, I'd say these are both fantastic lipsticks, and really are worth more than their price tag of just one pound! I just hope MUA keep their prices so low. The colour names aren't very intentive but I'm not complaining at all.

I will most definitely be purchasing more shades from MUA and I definitely recommend these!


Thinking about buying anything from MUA? Do you own any MUA products?

If you want to know anything more about these lipsticks, go ahead and ask a question in the comments below.

M :)