My Current Goals

Five attainable goals I have in my sights to complete in the near future.

Stay wild notebook

I think it's vital to set goals for yourself. These are the ones I'm currently working towards:

Get a job

Now that my illness/health is at a place where I can manage it, I feel like I'm just about ready to take on a job. I'm so eager to have a regular schedule to keep me busy! Jumping on the career ladder isn't my concern just yet - that will come in time - for now I'd like to work at something that I enjoy and will allow me to maintain an income. 

Learn to drive

When I first became old enough to drive, I had no interest at all. In fact I was pretty terrified of the idea. Fast forward to just recently; my eyes caught sight of a Fiat 500 in a shopping centre & it's made me determined to learn. It might sound silly but it's the only car I've seen that I could actually imagine myself driving in. I just don't see the point of having a car I don't love, y'know?

It's not the beauty of the vehicle alone that's inspired this change of mindset. Of course I want more independence and a car would let me have some of that. I'd be able to drive myself anywhere I'd like to which is a magical thing!

fwis outfit

Be able to afford a car

I'm very aware that being able to drive a car and being able to own a car are two very separate situations. I want to be earning enough to buy my dream car & have the money management skills to pay for the upkeep that comes with it. The first goal is crucial for this!

Master the wheel pose in yoga

As yet my lack of arm strength won't let me do this but with practice, I will!


Start writing 

I have three book concepts in mind! Two are fiction series & one is a book of poetry. Getting them published isn't on my mind right now at all, I'll consider it a personal victory just to write them to be honest with you! I think plucking up the courage to start and not fret about 'failing' is the hardest part. So far anyway.

Thanks for reading! Get involved in the comments below and let me know what your current goals are.