Weekly Reflect #73

It's Sunday so as per usual, it's time to reflect on the past week!


This week . . .

. . . began with the welcoming in of a brand new month! I spent Monday morning - which I remember to be beautifully sunshiney - spring tidying my bedroom. I love rearranging things in it every now and then and I'm so happy with the current layout. Although saying that, it's gradually starting to get messy again as I'm horrendous at maintaining a tidy room. I've come to realise that while I do like my stuff to have order & place, I am a messy person. I'm not sure I could ever do the whole minimalist thing either!

Bedroom shelves

On Tuesday I posted my first ever book review. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it but I never expected the author Carole Matthews to actually be one of the first to read it & she even tweeted me! That amused both me and my mum, who also read it and I was thrilled to bits when she said she enjoyed the review too. I have the intention to buy a bunch of books from a charity shop and work my way through reading & reviewing them. If you have any recommendations please send them my way!

Wall art
Also this week I got some lovely mail in the form of a pen pal letter from Shona. She is such a wee gem & we're very similar in many ways, one way being we both share a love for pretty stationery! How cute is that envelope? I'm can't wait to get a few minutes of peace & quiet to sit down and pen a reply!

One day in the week, as it approached lunch time I started to get hungry. Standard. However that hunger somehow lead me to get the phrase "thinking 'bout lunch" stuck in my head, to the tune of the first line "thinking out loud" in each verse in the song Truffle Butter by Nicki Minaj, Drake & Lil Wayne. That in turn lead me to rewrite the lyrics of all three verses and make them all about food. It was a fun little (unexpected) challenge and I'm half tempted to record it, maybe even make a parody video of sorts! Maybe haha.

Sylvanian Families
And that brings us up to yesterday! I was awake super early and so was able to go with my mum, granny & auntie to do the weekly shop which I enjoyed. As well as the usual groceries I picked up a couple of magazines to flick through, partially influenced by the fact Kim KW is looking so good on the front of Cosmo, partially influenced by the fact you can get a free Ciaté nail polish with InStyle this month. There's a couple of different shades to choose from but I went for Iced Frappe, a gorgeous mauve colour I can't wait to get on my nails!

Once we'd finished in Tesco we all went to a close by cafe to have some tea & scones; my treat. Then we nipped into the pharmacy to get a few things and of course I had to have a wee browse of the Wet 'n' Wild stand in there! I ended up coming away with a new mascara and an eyeshadow palette, which I've no doubt I'll share my thoughts on with you sooner or later. I'm excited to try my first products from the brand!

Kim Kardashian Cosmo magazine & InStyle flatlay

So that was my week! Now it's time for you to get involved in the comments below and let me know what you've been getting up to recently!

How was your week?

Thanks for reading,