Cool creatives I follow on Instagram

Instagram. I love it. For me it's an infinite stream of inspiration I can scroll through any time of day. I follow some really cool creative people on there and today I want to take the opportunity to share some of my favourites whose photos, whenever I see them always ignite my imagination!

Cool creatives, artists & illustrators on Instagram


I've been following Dallas for quite a while now - he's an author & an illustrator and his creations vary from intricate, busy patterns to simplistic outlines accompanied by annotations. I seem to really connect with them as they're relatable as well as thought-provoking - sometimes even motivational. I really want to get myself a mug or t-shirt or something from his shop so that I can have a piece of that creativity in physical form. I'm even thinking of getting his signature 'reaching arms' tattooed on me. Just a thought at this point in time!


Every single time I scroll through my Instagram and see a photo of Marc's illustrations I want to get my watercolours out and paint. I don't think I've ever been artistically inspired in such a strong way by anything else. Seriously, what he does with watercolour is on another level! He mainly paints people, animals, vehicles & buildings but still manages to maintain a constant flow of something unique every time. He has such an incredible talent!


I've only recently started following Jean's account but from the very first glance at his art, I knew it was my cup of tea. The way he incorporates illustrations alongside everyday objects takes his creativity up another couple of notches. For instance, once he placed two twenty pence pieces on a page and drew bodies on the paper under them to make it look like they were attached to the heads on the coins. He has an interesting view of the world, that's for sure!

Well those are just three people on Instagram that inspire me creatively and I really recommend you check them out! There are lots more cool creatives out there and so many different ways to be creative too. Now I want you to get involved in the comments below and tell me who your favourite creative people are!

Who inspires you to be creative?

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