♫ February Playlist ♫

As we're approaching the end of February, it's time for me to share with you what I've been listening to throughout this month!

February Playlist

Nina Nesbitt

The month kicked off with the release of Nina Nesbitt's Modern Love EP, from which my favourite song is definitely Chewing Gum. I really like how she's formed into a seemingly gutsier, more powerful lyricist since her first album and that goes hand in hand with the actual melody which is insanely catchy too. Nina actually uploaded a video on her channel sharing how she wrote the song and how it came to be from a mere idea which is a pretty interesting watch. It's refreshing to see an artist be so frank about the writing process & I kinda wish more would do the same! Overall the EP is a nice little taste of what's next to come from Nina.


Also in February I was listening to Rihanna's new album, ANTI. As a longtime fan of hers I always look forward to her releases however this album as a whole sadly didn't meet my expectations. Don't get me wrong there are some great songs on there like Desperado and Love On The Brain, both of which I really do like a lot, it's just those are the only ones I enjoy. Work too, her current single which has been all over the radio lately. I know it's had mixed reviews from people but I personally love it! I think (and hope) the other tracks on ANTI might just take it's time to grow on me, yknow?

FKA Twigs

Then by chance I stumbled across FKA Twigs' new song, Good To Love on Spotify towards the end of the month. It came as a lovely surprise as I didn't know to expect anything new from her and I think it could possibly be the song of hers I like most! I think she's presenting an impressive new quality to her voice as well as a more optimistic outlook in the lyrics which I love. Fingers are crossed for more soon!


I also want to leave a little note on something in music which really affected me & got me thinking this month. Kanye West (who you might know is one of my absolute favourites) dropped his long anticipated new album, The Life Of Pablo a few weeks ago. We'd been eagerly waiting for a new list of songs to get to know and on the 14th February he released them. Except, not really. He made the decision to make the album exclusive to Tidal subscribers.

In my current situation I can't afford to subscribe to Tidal every month. I'll unashamedly say that that's the truth & the reality for me as I'm sure it is too for plenty of others. I'd be happy to buy the physical copy of the album once I know if I like it, that's what I always do with music; if I absolutely love an album after streaming it I'll buy the CD as a way to support the artist I'm loyal to. However Kanye's not making this available to buy on disc.

The numerous album name changes didn't annoy me, neither did his frequent Twitter speeches but this did. Seeing as he's spoken passionately in the past about how problematic exclusivity is, I can't help but feel disappointed, confused and quite honestly a bit upset that The Life Of Pablo isn't available for everyone to listen to. But as always, Kanye is an open & unfinished book so who knows what could happen next! There's even word of another album this year which I truly hope anyone will be able to access!

So there you have it, my monthly music wrap up. I'd love for you to get involved in the comments below and let me know if you have any recommendations as to be honest with you I'm in desperate need of some really good new music to get into! Please also share your thoughts on the Kanye situation if you'd like to, I would love to chat about it with someone.

What have you been listening to?

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