Weekly Reflect // #56

Hello everyone!

It's time to reflect on another week!

Weekly Reflect #56 // Super moon/blood moon & sky!

This week . . .

. . . started off with all of the super moon/blood moon craziness! I didn't stay up to see it when it was red but I did peek out of my bedroom window at about 1am when it was absolutely glowing. What an incredible sight to see!

I was even more awestruck by the beautiful skies that we've had the last couple of nights. One night I was just watching Emmerdale and during the break I noticed the sky was various shades of blue & purple. I went outside to see it better and was so amazed, I missed the second half of Emmerdale & my tea went cold! What a cool little planet we're lucky enough to live on.

Weekly Reflect #56 // School work & blogging!

The rest of the week mostly consisted of doing school work, resting, school work, resting & repeat. I'm trying my absolute best to keep up with things but I know I need to pace myself as I really don't want another setback with my illness. It's been fun learning French again although I don't think the subjunctive tense will ever be my strong point!

Weekly Reflect #56 // Super moon & sky, school work & all of the love for OPI!

I painted my nails for the first time in about a month! I don't know why I haven't in so long, although I suppose it's good to give your nails a break every now and then. OPI's I Have A Herring Problem was my shade of choice - it's a dark blue/grey with silver shimmer. It's ideal for transitioning into Autumn as well as out of Winter in my opinion; I always seem to bring it out in October and February! I decided to add an accent nail on each hand with OPI's Serious Sparkle which I found out is actually the same polish as Save Me from their Nicki Minaj limited edition collection, just given a different name. The things you find out with the help of the blogging community!

Weekly Reflect #56 // OPI Serious Sparkle!

Other than that, not a lot really happened in my week but hey, we all have weeks like that sometimes! It was definitely good to have a week of just getting my head down to work. I was also very busy blogging & planning away so expect some exciting posts soon!

So that was my week! Get involved in the comments below and let me know what you got up to!

How was your week?

Thanks for reading,