How to get more Instagram interactions!

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Recently I've been trying to up my Instagram game. There are a few things I've been doing which have not only resulted in increased likes/comments/followers but I've actually found myself enjoying it as a social media so much more! 

Here are 6 ways you can boost your Instagram account without having to pay a penny.

Tips on how to up your Instagram game and get more likes/comments/followers naturally for free!

Upload frequently 

Getting the balance right is tricky. If you only post once in a blue moon, the chances are people will unfollow. Equally, if you're posting every five minutes it's going to have the same effect. Aiming to post something daily is something I've found to be effective. 3 photos is usually my maximum, spread over the course of the day. Of course there are going to be some days you don't feel like posting anything - you just have to figure out what works for you! I also think it's nice to upload frequently even just to have a nice little record of events for yourself if nothing else.


Utilise the caption! If you want to bring followers to your blog/website, tell them they can click the link in your bio to go there directly. If it's comments you want, trying asking a question. It's not guaranteed you'll get responses but it certainly increases the chance!

Tips on how to up your Instagram game and get more likes/comments/followers naturally for free!

Comment & like

This is the big one. Are you commenting on other people's photos? Do you look through the 'explore' page? Up until recently I very rarely did either but since making the effort to, I've noticed a huge difference in the interactions on my own profile. Simply expressing a similar interest in something they've featured in a photo will mean people will be more likely to visit your account but commenting to add a useful insight or question can do incredible things for your interactions. Plus, I've found this is what has made me actually enjoy the app far more!


Again, similar interests = interaction so make sure you're using hashtags to your advantage! For example, if you've uploaded a photo of a lipstick, it makes sense to use hashtags such as #lipstick (obviously), #makeup & #beauty. If you have a blog, get using all of the blogger hashtags that are relevant to you, for example #bbloggers, #fbloggers, #fdbloggers etc. It's cool to support others too so once you've uploaded something, go through the hashtags and comment on/like a few photos - you might be pleased with what you get in return!

If you want things to look less cluttered, put your hashtags in a comment under the caption. Once you've got a few comments on a photo, the first comment with your hashtags in it won't be immediately visible so everything just looks tidier!

Tips on how to up your Instagram game and get more likes/comments/followers naturally for free!


Try different things. At the end of the day, it's a matter of trial & error with everything you post - there are no real guarantees or mistakes you can make with timing but posting at certain times of the day can result in more/fewer likes. Ask yourself, when do you check Instagram? If you're anything like me, you'll for sure scroll through first thing in the morning so try adding one of your own photos to the mix. Food tends to do well anytime of the day or night but generally, meal times are optimum because that's when other people will be uploading and therefore using/checking out the 'food' hashtag.


This is such a valuable step you might be forgetting about! Before you upload a photo, tag any relevant people/brands in the photo itself. That will mean your photo will show up in the tagged photo section on their accounts which people will look through, including that person themselves. For example, I tagged Real Techniques in my photo of their Miracle Complexion Sponge, they saw it & liked it which resulted in that photo getting almost 5 times the amount of likes I usually get (and counting)!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful! Ultimately I've learnt that what you give is what you get. Instagram wants you to use it to it's full capacity and if you do, you'll see results. 
Get involved in the comments below and let me know if you have any Instagram tips - let's help each other out!

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