Weird Dreams Anonymous

Hello everyone!

When dreams are getting dished out, someone definitely makes sure I get the strangest ones going. Catherine and I recently bonded over the fact our dreams are pretty odd. We thought we'd collaborate and so 'Weird Dreams Anonymous' was born!

A few of the weird dreams I've had lately!

Here's a little write up of some of the dreams I've been having lately:

1) I went to a hardware store with my dad because he wanted to get some huge wooden logs. I have absolutely no idea what he actually wanted them for but anyway; a sales assistant took us upstairs in a big round elevator than spun as it went up. When it stopped, she asked if I wanted to go in it again as if it was a rollercoaster or something. I was a bit confused but I said yes because she looked like that's what she really wanted to do. On hearing my reply, she then looked at me like I was some kind of freak for saying yes! Logic? When we finally got upstairs, there was a gym where the floor was bouncy. There were loads of people just casually bouncing around up there, including a few popular Youtubers like Zoe Sugg, Caspar Lee and Marcus Butler. The dream ended there!

2) I was at a house party when all of a sudden out of nowhere, I was part of this full on 'whodunnit' murder mystery scenario type of thing. The details were sketchy - all we knew was that there was a man at the party who had committed some kind of crime but he had managed to run away. I was part of a group trying to track him down. This lead to me travelling to Berlin with my family and when I got into my hotel room, there were loads of goodie bags on the floor filled with tin foil. For some reason, I was incredibly excited to share the contents of it on my Snapchat story!

A few of the weird dreams I've had lately!

3) I was in a bubble that made me invisible and I was somehow attached to this man who I couldn't get free from. I had no choice but to follow him around and watch him use my debit card as he bought things with my money all over town. That really wasn't the nicest of dreams come to think of it!

4) This is a collective point for all of the recurring dreams I've been having about reciting poems lately. I used to do Speech and Drama for years and part of that was learning poems to recite in front of an audience. Truth be told, I was awful at learning them but in these dreams it was like I was, for some reason, making the decision to really put the effort in and give it my best shot. Who knows what that could mean!

5) Have you ever had a dream where you were at your own funeral? Well I did this week! That wasn't even the strangest part about it; everyone there apart from my sister was dressed as a carrot. Apparently dreaming about funerals is meant to symbolise moving forward in your life but as for the carrots, I have no idea!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! It's a little bit different but I absolutely love dreams - the more weird the better in my opinion. Get involved in the comments below and let me know what you've had weird dreams about recently!

What's the strangest dream you ever had?

Thanks for reading,