Calendula Cream // Review

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As the colder weather is creeping in, those of us who are prone to dry skin are on the hunt for the most moisturising options we can find. Today I've got a review of Nelson's Calendula Cream - something I've been using to try and combat that problem!

A review of Nelson's Calendula Cream for moisturising rough, dry, flaky or chapped skin!

It's made with Calendula, aka Marigold plant which is known for it's benefits for the skin.
It claims to be a "multi-purpose cream for rough, dry, flaky or chapped skin".

It costs £5.09 for a 30ml tube or £6.93 for a 50ml tube!

A review of Nelson's Calendula Cream for moisturising rough, dry, flaky or chapped skin!

Although I absolutely love Autumn/Winter, I've definitely noticed that the creams and lotions I was using only a few weeks ago in the Summer just aren't cutting it anymore. Along with the colder weather comes drier skin and so I was pretty pleased when I was offered the chance to try Calendula Cream! I've been using it on my face, hands, elbows and knees and have noticed a huge improvement.

It looks just like a regular white cream but when you apply it you can immediately notice it's different. It feels incredibly lightweight but once on the skin completely eradicates any dryness with ease. I'm left amazed everytime I use it by how smooth my skin feels! So fresh too, and it also leaves a little radiance without being greasy which I'm sure anyone with dry skin will appreciate.

One thing I will say though is that the scent is not subtle. To me it smells pretty strongly of plants/butter (?) which I'm not overly keen on but I can live with due to how good the actual product is. I suppose it's better than if it was artificially fragranced!

It's worth noting that it's also free from parabens, lanolin, silicones and mineral oils. It hasn't been tested on animals either which is always good!

It's available from Holland & Barrett HERE & Amazon HERE.

So that's what I thought of Nelson's Calendula Cream! I'll definitely get good use out of this when the weather gets even colder. Get involved in the comments below and let me know what you think!

How do you combat dry skin?

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