Weekly Reflect // #41

Hello everyone!

Looking back on it, that was probably one of the best weeks I've had in a long time! For this week's Reflect, I thought I'd switch things up and write a chatty post with more photos rather than just a few bullet points and one photo. I just feel like trying something new! If you're a regular reader of my Weekly Reflects let me know what you think!

weekly reflect the shadows vinyl record vintage charity shop thrift

This week:

 . . . started off with a lot of trouble sleeping but what else is new! Despite that, I'm actually feeling the best I have in months and I'm trying to be positive that I might be overcoming my illness. Learning to manage it at least. I'm thinking about writing a post on talking to other people about your chronic illness so let me know if you'd be interested in that!

Things really started picking up in the week when I saw that Georgia's blog is up and running again with a new name, design & direction! Exciting things are on the cards for Little Voice so make sure you go and check it out. Tell Georgia I sent ya!

weekly reflect bourgeons et savons bath bomb

A beautifully packaged parcel arrived at my house and inside was a bundle of bathtime goodies from Bronagh of Bourgeons et Savons! I've got a blog post about them going up tomorrow but for now I'll leave you with BEST BATH EVER.

The Midnight Beast & Ashley Horne followed me on Twitter out of the blue! I've been a TMB fan for years so that was pretty special!

weekly reflect tanya burr cookie dough recipe love tany

weekly reflect cookies baking fail tanya burr recipe

Oh, and then there was the cookie disaster.
So I tried making cookies from Tanya Burr's book (my review here) and basically, there wasn't enough room on my baking tray so nine cookies turned into one! In the end it worked out okay, I just cut it up and we ended up having it with icecream - messy but delicious!

By the time Wednesday rolled by, I realised I just wasn't really feeling the blog posts I had lined up for Thursday & Friday so I decided to focus on next week's content instead and I got a lot done. Thursday began with a 4am start and a spontaneous photoshoot featuring little Mia and that became a blog post! I haven't blogged off the bat like that in ages and it felt good.

weekly reflect cat

Since January when I had to leave school because of my health, I haven't really been bothering with my personal Facebook. I scrolled through my newsfeed for the first time in forever this week and it was kinda interesting! So many stereotypical night out photos, TV show related statuses & people with new haircuts. Funny how some things change & others don't at all!

weekly reflect duck lisburn city northern ireland

Yesterday involved a lovely trip into Lisburn. It's the first time I've been out longer than an hour or so in a while so as you can imagine, I'm pretty exhausted! Week after week, a catch up with friends & a little shopping spree has been my main goal so I'm thrilled I finally go to do it. I hit up Primark in a major way so expect a haul on my Youtube channel soon! We also saw this little duck in the city centre which was a bit unexpected - that's Northern Ireland for ya!

I also found an amazing charity shop - that's where I found the vinyls you can see in the photo at the top! I got chatting to the two lovely ladies who work there and we even discussed my blog! I could've bought everything in the place but I restrained myself at just 3 items. Watch this space as I took a few photos and will be sharing a post that'll go up this week all about it!

weekly reflect the shadows reflection vinylux record

And that takes us up to today, Sunday! It's Father's Day so we'll be chilling at home and making sure our dad has a good day. I got him a gift earlier this month that was a little nod to his younger days & I also picked up a The Shadows record for him yesterday. They were his favourite band back in the day and I think they were part of the reason he decided to pick up the guitar (which is kinda his main thing). Oh, and I didn't realise it when I bought it but when he opened up the inside booklet this morning, it's been signed by all the members! We don't have anything to play it on but really, I just meant it for as a little keepsake for him. Although I've had a wee look online and record players aren't actually as expensive as I thought they'd be so I might make an investment!

So that's what I got up to this week! Get involved in the comments below, I'd love to know what you think of this more chatty style of a Weekly Reflect! Do feel free to let me know what made your week special!

How was your week?

Thanks for reading,