Weekly Reflect // #39

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Summer! I've been so excited to say that in a Weekly Reflect, especially as it means I've been keeping up with this series for almost a year! Here's how I kicked off the first week of June . . .

weekly reflect june 1st summer the 1975 mug cake kanye west coloristiq manicure box

This week:

  • . . . one of my favourite bands, The 1975 kinda played with their fans' feelings by causing a bit of social media drama. I wasn't best impressed, in fact I felt so tense that whole day not knowing what the future of the band would be! Eventually we found out they'd be touring at the end of the year. Fantastic, but I'm a wee bit miffed to see they missed Belfast off their list of places to go. Here's hoping for next year!

    • . . . I discovered two fantastic foods; mug cake & grilled cheese. Not exactly the most healthy but delicious nonetheless!

    • . . . I had a dream that Kanye West died and I'll not lie, as a fan of his I was pretty distraught! Nice to know I was invited to the funeral though.

    • . . . I received my Coloristiq Manicure Box in the post! I'm so proud to be an ambassador for them and I'll be sharing the contents of the festival themed box in a blog post tomorrow. Watch this space!

    So that's what I got up to this week! 

    How was your week?

    Thanks for reading,